Bot Blocker

Magento Bot Blocker is the best solution to stop spam bots and scraper bots on your store.
Automated bots constantly crawl the web looking for contact forms to submit spam to, review forms to submit spam to, and looking for information to scrape for data mining purposes. These bots increase server load, waste your time with spam messages, and reduce your stores response rate due to increased load. Magento Bot Blocker will identify and block these bots so your store can run better and remain active.

Consequences of Bots Crawling Your Store

Malicious bots that crawl your site are looking to spam your store or looking for security weaknesses so they can hack your store. You might have seen in your store search log strange looking queries that are done to gain access to your database. Eventually, many malicious bots crawling your store can even cause store response time to reduce which can impact search engine ranking and conversions on your store.

Bot Blocker Solution to Bots

Magento Bot Blocker adds hidden forms on your store which bad bots will submit to and be identified. Good bots will not submit to forms on your site. A hidden link with a nofollow attribute can also be added to identify bad bots. In addition, existing forms will be rewritten to trick bad bots while not affecting users. Using these techniques Bot Blocker can identify the bad bots and block them from your store!


Extendware Bot Blocker for Magento 2

Extendware Bot Blocker Stop spam and malicious bots and other bad bots that spam your store and increase your server load by repeatedly crawling your store. Automated and easy to use solution to block bad bots, free up server resources, and reduce the spam that is sent to your store.It also blocks malicious search query keywords being search and spam magento search.

  • Block malicious bots while accessing unauthorized URLs of the website
  • Block malicious bots on submitting random forms using honeypot technique.
  • Hide form URLs from crawling bot.
  • Block bots to insert malicious code into search bar.
  • Permanently block bot to access website.
  • Google captcha support for identifying human vs bots
  • Work with any forms types: default Magento 2 forms, custom forms, third-party forms
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Money-Back 30 days money-back guarantee
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