Ajax Add to Cart Extension

Magento AJAX Cart will change the way your customers interact with your store. Your store will enter the modern age with Magento Ajax Cart, wishlist, and compare adding and deleting. It works for all product types, has many customization options, and will increase your store's usability and appearance. You can even show upsell / related products on the success dialog to increase sales.


  • Supports All Product Types
    We understand that stores have a variety of products of various types. AJAX Cart supports them all -- simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, virtual, and downloadable!
  • Show Customers Up-Sell / Cross-Sell / Related / Also Viewed / Also Bought Products New!
    Increase sales by showing customers products on the success page to encourage them to purchase more.
  • Add AJAX to Many Store Functions
    Add, delete from shopping cart
    Add, delete wishlist items
    Add, delete, clear compare items
  • Automatically Update Page After AJAX Actions
    Update compare, cart, and wishlist sidebars
    Update My Cart top link
    Update My Wishlist top link
  • Compact Javascript so your Web Site Does Not Become Bloated
    Our Javascript is super compact. We use limited inline Javascript and we do not use external dependencies (such as jQuery) which will slow down the download speed of your site. The Javascript is also fully compatible with our Minify Js/Css/HTML Site Optimizer/Speedster extension
  • Gracefully Disables Itself on Unsupported Browsers
    If a user is using a very old browser or has Javascript disabled, AJAX Cart, Wishlist, and Compare gracefully disables itself.
  • Supports Secure Web Pages (HTTPS)
  • EasilyCustomize via CSS, Templates, and Layouts
  • EasilyConfigure the Width of the Quick View Window
  • Easily Change the Position of the Overlay Image
  • Center the Dialog on the Screen or Put it a Towards the Top
  • Choose to Auto-Hide a Dialog After a Set Amount of Time
  • Enable / Disable Various Aspects of Extension
Free Support Free 6-month support and upgrades
Money-Back 30 days money-back guarantee
Lifetime Updates Free lifetime updates