Free Gift products for Magento 2

Magento Free Gift extensions helps encourage more sales by offering free gifts to customers.

Using the Magento Free Gift extension will allow you to automatically give free products to your customers based on their product or service purchases.


Magento Free Gift extensions helps encourage more sales by offering free gifts to customers. Free gifts are a very powerful motivator when making sales. In fact, it has been shown that giving something for free can encourage more sales than just giving a discount - even if the discount is more than the value of the free gift. Nothing is more powerful than the word free!

Examples for Free Gift usages

You can set up the Free Gift extension to do a simple "Buy 1 shirt and receive a 2nd shirt free" type of sale. Or set it to "Purchase more than $200.00 and receive a free t-shirt" for your power shoppers.

This Magento Free Gift extension is especially powerful for giving away products that are branded with your store. Imagine giving away pens, t-shirts, or mousepads branded with your store logo. Not only do customers get something for free, but you get free advertising then they use or wear your free gift.

This extension also allows you set up a scenario where your customers can select from a group of free products. It even supports configurable products and products with custom options.

  • Create Your Own Buy 1 (or 2, 3, etc) and Get 1 (or 2, 3, etc) Free Promotions!
    Buy one guy one free promotions are loved by consumers and vendors alike. Easily create these type of Magento promotions and increase your store revenue.
  • Get Rid of Inventory That Does Not Sell
    Why hold inventory that continues to take up space and does not sell? Use that inventory to motivate more sales by giving away the products for large purchases.
  • Promotional Products are (optionally) Automatically Added to Cart
    Our Magento gift extension will automatically add products to the carts of qualifying customers. This simplifies your promotions and makes them easy for your customers to use.
  • Upgrade the Promotions Used on Your Store
    Sometimes just creating new promotion types can increase sales. If you have been doing one promotion for years then your customers are accustomed to it. Creating a new buy one get one free promotion or even just giving free gifts for large orders can psychologically motivate them to purchase.
  • Configurable Products, Bundle Products, and Products with Custom Options can be Gifts Too!
    When configurable products are selected as Magento free gifts, then the customer will be notifed so they can select the correct product options
  • Give a Free Gift for Purchases Over a Certain Dollar Amount
    Easily give a gift for orders that are over $500.00 or any other amount. You can combine all the normal shopping cart price rule conditions to create new powerful promotions.
  • Unlimited Number of Free Gift Rules
    Your shopping cart can apply any number of free promotional product rules at a time. They can easily be combined.
  • Give a Free Gift With a Coupon
    Free gifts can be given away by using a coupon or by not requiring a coupon.
  • Free Gifts Can Also Receive Free Shipping
    Optionally determine whether you want free gifts to be excluded from shipping calculations. Receiving a free gift and having to pay shipping is not desirable to most customers, so giving free shipping for the free gift is useful!
  • Multiple Promotional Items Can Be Added to the Cart
    More than one free gift is possible. Multiple gifts can be added to the cart at the same time!
  • Let Your Customers Choose the Exact Free Gift They Want
    You can specify multiple free gifts or even a free gift category that your customers can then choose from. They can make the selection right from the cart page and they will be told the number of gifts they may choose!
  • Customers are Notified of Free Gfts in a Variety of Ways
    You can include a custom message with each free gift added to the cart such as "FREE!" and in addition if they have gifts available for selection they will be notifed that they should choose a free gift and the number of free gifts they may choose.
  • Only Add a Free Product if the Item is in Stock
    It would be a big problem if free product was added to cart and the product was not even in stock. As a result, the free gift extension will only add free products that are available in stock.
  • Compatible With Responsive Magento Themes
    Free gifts extension is compatible with Magento responsive themes, so that it works in mobile, tablet, or desktop views.
  • Supports All the Normal Magento Promotional Features
    Apply the promotion as a coupon, only make valid for certain conditions, only apply with certain qty step, or limit the number of free products. It's all supported
  • Fully Supports Multiple Currencies and Tax Calculations
    Do not be worried about your multi-currency store or with tax calculations. Free gift extension will not affect any of these calculations

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Prefer over competitors. Flawless. Made a big difference in my sales.
Helped my store when providing customers with perks and gifts for buying items. Excellent Module.
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