Cache Warmer

The Magento Full Page Cache Crawler / Warmer will ensure your Full Page Cache solution is always "warmed" and ready to serve your store pages at the fastest speed possible. The extension is efficiently coded to reduce bandwidth, CPU, and crawling time. Additionally, the Cache Warmer will not (optionally) crawl products that your customers are likely to never see (hidden products, child products of configurable products, etc)


If you have our Magento Full Page Cache Extension (or a 3rd party full page cache solution), then you need the Magento Cache Warmer / Crawler. The Magento Cache Warmer crawls your Web site to ensure that pages are always preemptively cached and at their fastest. It crawls your Web site with concurrent requests for the fastest crawls possible. Your old cached pages will automatically be refreshed by the crawler to ensure visitors see the most recent version of your site as possible. Cache Warmer / Crawler uses special techniques to reduce bandwidth and reduce CPU usage. If you want to ensure as much as your site is cached as possible, then this is the extension for you.

What type of stores benefit from the Magento Cache Warmer?

Any store that wants to improve its cache hit rate. Cache hit rate is the number of requests to your site that are uncached versus cached. The higher the hit rate, the faster your site. You may have the fastest cache solution in the world, but if your cache hit rate is low, then your store will still be slow. Stores with a high number of unique pages compared to their traffic will tend to have a low hit rate and as a result caching solutions are not effective. The Magento Cache Crawler solves this by crawling and pre-caching the pages on your site, which will increase the cache hit rate. The end result is an overall faster site.

  • Efficiently Crawl Your Magento Store to Warm Your Caches
    The crawler will only access each page one time during a crawl session to ensure there is no duplicate effort. In addition, pages your users cannot access (disabled products, children of configurable products) will not be crawled.
  • Crawl All Your Important Pages
    Crawl CMS pages, catalog pages, and product pages. When used with the Full Page Cache, all your layered navigation filter options, deep catalog pages, searches, and 3rd party extensions will be crawled without any further configuration±.
  • Ensure That Server Load on the Server Does Not Become High New!
    A crawler increases server load in exchange for faster page speed. If there are lots of things happening on the server, then it can create high server load. The crawler can detect this and automatically pause itself and automatically restart when the server load reduces. This ensures that the crawler does not compete with user traffic for server resources!
  • Crawl as Quickly as Possible Using Multiple Crawler Threads
    Multiple threads will be used which can reduce the total crawl time by 10 times or more.
  • Crawl as Logged in Users (Customer Group) New!
    Do you show different content to logged in users? If so, it might make sense to crawl as a logged in user so their cache can be warmed. You can now easily select which customer group you want to crawl.
  • Crawl Out-of-Schedule Jobs By Manually Adding It New!
    Did you flush the cache and need to run a job real quick even though it is not scheduled yet? No problem, you can easily add a manual job that will run immediately.
  • Don't Crawl Disabled / Hidden / Out-of-Stock Products New!
    Ensure you don't waste resources crawling products that would be infrequently viewed or not viewable at all!
  • Filter Out Generated URLs by URL Type New!
    Easily filter out certain pages such as category pages or cms pages or product pages from being added to the queue. This is useful if you only want to crawl category pages or certain page types.
  • Always View the Status of Crawls and Manage Crawls Using an Easy Interface
    Easily view past crawls, currently running crawls, and queued crawls. Pause or disable crawls. Change the number of threads used. View the number of crawled URLs, the source of the URLs, and view performance metrics such as the number of crawled URLs per minute.
  • Filter Out any URL by Regular Expression New!
    Easily ensure that URLs that match a regular expression will not be crawled. This is useful if you do not want certain pages to be crawled.
  • Fully Support Crawling of HTTPS Secure URLs New!
    Is your site running in secure mode on the frontend? The crawler will crawl your secure pages too.
  • Reduces Bandwidth and CPU Usage During Crawls
    When combined with our Full Page Cache there will be reduced bandwidth and processing done when loading uncached pages loaded by the crawler process.
  • Flush Caches Prior to Crawling
    Flushing Magento caches prior to crawling is important to ensure that the crawler crawled pages are the most up-to-date.

What Customers say

Great Module
With this module pages are cached and loaded very fast. The support team was quick to answer and resolve our case, so that wasn't actually a problem to run the module correctly.
Extremely Helpful Tool
This helped the overall functionality of my stores.
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