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Priority Support


Quick Overview

Stop waiting, Jump to the Front of the Line!

Your Support Requests are Considered of the Highest Priority and Processed First.
Our friendly customer service staff recognizes that sometimes you just can't wait for everyone in front of you to be taken care of first, that sometimes you need your issue addressed right now!

Priority Support is for our customers who require more responsive assistance with their Extendware Magento store extensions. Typically these customers require a more immediate, hands on approach to solving their unique problems and Priority Support was designed to assist this set of customers. *Please note, Priority Support does not cover additional support service, but is used to expedite current support needs, whether it is from included support or additionally purchased support. To purchase additional support please refer to our Magento Issue Resolution or Magento Development services.

Features / Benefits - Have a unique need? Contact us!
  • Priority Support customers go straight to the front of the line when they submit their support tickets
  • Priority Support routes your support issues straight to our Priority Customer Support team for the fastest care available from Extendware.
  • Priority Support is a customer account-wide feature and applies to your entire Extendware.com library of (purchased and valid) extensions for one year.
  • Remember, Priority Support only applies to the extensions that have a current, valid Support Period.
  • You only need to order one Priority Support per Magento store per year. We will apply a purchase of Priority Support to ALL of your extensions that are on a valid support plan for one Magento installation for one year.


"Extendware offers Technical Support solely via our support channel. Please bear in mind that we deal with sensitive information and in an effort to uphold our customers' safety and confidentiality, we do not provide Support via TeamViewer, Skype, or other Social Media Platforms"

Learn more about Priority Support at our Extendware Knowledge Base.
Reasons To Choose Extendware
  • Risk-free purchase
    30-day moneyback guarantee. We are that confident in the quality of our software.
  • Plug-in-play solutions
    Extensions are extensively tested, easy to install, and configure. No need to edit the code yourself.
  • Future-proof software
    We constantly release updates that add new features and increase usability and performance. You can even get updates for free.
  • Usability and performance
    Easy to use extensions that are built for speed. We optimize each extension. We don't use jQuery or excessive inline javascript for our frontend extensions or other libraries that will slow your site.
  • Outstanding support
    Our support is quick, friendly, and offers useful guidance. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.
  • Zero bug policy
    We hate bugs as much as you do. We oftentimes release bug fixes on the same day of discovery. We are expert exterminators.
  • Simple licensing structure
    We license by edition and installation. We don't license by number of customers, stores, products, or anything complicated.
  • Long term strategy
    We have been developing for Magento for 3 years. We love the platform and the community and will continue to develop for Magento for years to come.