DooFinder for Hyvä Theme

Exciting news for Hyva users – we are thrilled to announce our Hyva compatibility for Doofinder. While we did not develop Doofinder itself, we are committed to providing robust support on top of it, ensuring that our Hyva users can seamlessly harness the power of Doofinder's advanced search capabilities.


Experience a synergy that combines the excellence of Doofinder with the added compatibility tailored by our team, delivering an enhanced user experience and unlocking the full potential of your Hyva-powered Magento store.

Before diving into the installation of our module, make sure you have successfully installed the official Doofinder extension, which can be found at Doofinder's GitHub repository. This official extension serves as the foundation, providing the necessary groundwork for our compatibility module.

Link: DooFinder For Magento 2

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