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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"This has been a surprisingly helpful extension. The solution worked for our store out of the box and we've seen better customer interaction and saved me, personally, a lot of time. "
"Absolutely brilliant! Our checkout and product editing time was cut in half after using this extension. Thanks for the recommendation!"
- Elizabeth West about Cache Backends / Faster Checkout
"I'm currently running Full page cache + cache backend + page rules. It TRANSFORMED my site! You have to install it to believe it. John seems to be the man, helping a lot of shops. Extendware needs more credit for what they have done. I salute you!"
- Marc-Andre M. about Full Page Cache
"About the only thing this extension doesn't do is make dinner! I love how it makes filters multi-selectable and filters can be hidden initially. This really helps for my shop where we have lots of attributes. My customers can really find the products they want now!"
- Melisa about Layered Navigation
"After installing this extension we had a theme related issue, and the developer went above and beyond to help me even when the issue wasn't with the plugin itself. 5 stars guys, superb!"
- Chris Schaefer about Order Reminder (Version 2.0)
"We absolutely love how the search suggest works and looks on our site. Definitely better than the default magento auto complete and we have already received feedback from our customers who also love this little extension!"
- Robert H about Ajax Search
"I am so HAPPY with this extension! We recently made some big changes to our store and our conversion dropped. I would not have even realized if I did not have this installed."
- Julie Hunt about Google Analytics Dashboard
"Installed it on my store and within 2 weeks it paid for itself with increased orders."
- Justin Nimmons about Abandoned Cart Email
"We actually had a FPD suite with a very well know extension developer that ultimately backfired within about 4 months and started locking ages up. Our dev recommended this suite, and it improved our metrics incredibly. Everything from the speed metrics to page score. There is some legitimate configuring required sometimes, and Tej and Alana were extremely helpful in getting us running. This is the type of must-have extension that is worth the investment within the first week. We ended up purchasing every performance module we could and are buying our other available extensions here as well."
- sky about Full Page Cache
"After trying to find a way to send mail by SMTP - and searching in knowledge bases etc., I only found "solutions" which did NOT work ... . But then I learned about SMTP Email Plus. After this extension was installed, sending mails works fine - and whithout any problems! Therefore I MUST say, this extension is great: for only 79 US$ all the troubles an problems could be solved ... !"
- HansPeter about SMTP Email