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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"We absolutely love this as it has allowed us to expand our market. We advertise with google and this has allowed us to expand our reach by ensuring landing pages are translated into the visitors language."
- Royco about Auto Translate
"I've been using Magento for 1 year I got very known full page cache I thought my fast WRONG BUT I I met extendware page opening time too I currently less than 1 second I would definitely recommend"
- by turgay about Full Page Cache
"I found this very useful to stay on top of key metrics such as conversions. I always forget to login to analytics to view reports, but with this extension I see the data everytime I login to the backend. It has allowed me to quickly identify changes to conversion rate or site speed, etc. I hope this will translate into a better run store!"
"I was confused at first how to connect this to my google account, but I emailed support and it was explained to me. After that, things were very easy and the extension just worked. I have used this for several weeks now and I feel much more informed about what is happening at my store. It is much more useful than the default dashboard and has focused me to constantly improve the statistics haha."
"I think this is just great. It is highly customizable, the e-mail template was good, and it does the job. So far 12 reminders have been sent and 3 have resulted in a purchase. I use coupons to incentivize purchases, so I win and the customer wins."
- Aidan about Abandoned Cart Email
"Were looking for faster results on our site and this helped."
- Brian from Sydney about Lucene Search
"Installed with no problems and very easy to configure. Already sent 3 reminders and 2 resulted in orders."
- Maria about Abandoned Cart Email
"I have the page cache + site optimizer + the crawler. No other solution matches this solution, period. Features are constantly being added. It is fast. Support is responsive. I hired them for some custom development and it was affordable and timely. I am very happy with this purchase."
- Zelma B about Full Page Cache
"I am using this with the minify extension to solve the google page speed issues for my site and with this they have all been solved. Support was extremely good and patient explaining to me what needed to be done for my site and that I appreciate!"
- Mohammad about Image Optimization
"Our images were made much smaller. We used pngout on the png images which made the images very small. Thank you for the great product and support!"
- Abbie about Image Optimization