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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"Our store has been growing over the last few months. We previously used the lucene search, but we have outgrown it and found the Sphinx search to be very fast and equally relevant with the results and as always the support is top notch."
- Organic Supply about Sphinx Search
"I have had great success with this extension used with the bulk editing extension. It has made product management waaaay more efficient! THANK YOU for such a cool extension!"
- Makes product management a breeze! about Admin Product Grid
"About the only thing this extension doesn't do is make dinner! I love how it makes filters multi-selectable and filters can be hidden initially. This really helps for my shop where we have lots of attributes. My customers can really find the products they want now!"
- Melisa about Layered Navigation
"Conflict Module is a very useful tool for developers troubleshooting. One of the most common issue with Magento is conflicting extensions. Quickly see which extensions are not playing well together. Tej, head of tech support was very helpful and went the extra mile to get things working for me. Thanks!"
- David Radovanovic about Extension Conflict
"this tool has made it much easier to quickly determine if there are any rewrite conflicts in the store and the suggestion to fix it usually works quite well. i now consider this a must have"
- Mikey about Extension Conflict
"Thanks John! This did exactly what I wanted and thanks for telling me how to change the label names. I will definitely be looking at your other extensions."
- Chris about Product Sorting
"I actually requested this be added so I am a bit biased :P But, we found that the feature to have the same number used for orders, invoices, shipping, etc to be extremely useful and the team added this very rapidly. Amazing commitment to customers!"
- Charmaine about Custom Order Numbers
"It does the job. Seems very secure. Definitely a good addition to my store management arsenal!"
- Carlene Brew about Master Password
"I transferred my store from oscommerce which had this functionality and finding a replacement for Magento was really difficult. This extension does everything that I wanted and more. It is very flexible and runs flawlessly. Support was great in answering my questions. If you need a loyalty program, then I definitely can recommend this!"
- Conrad about Loyalty Program
"We have a ton of categories and sometimes I like to duplicate them. I tried this by hand at first, but it was waaaay to slow. I tried to right a program to do it, but I could not get it right. I saw this in connect and installed it and it worked great. I will come back and check out your other extensions."
- Lorrie S about Category Copy