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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"I usually never write reviews, but due to my experience with this company I felt that I should write a review. This extension does all that it claims to do, so totally recommended this extension. It also works on our store with extremely many extensions included. This company listens to their customers’ needs and adds improvements to their extensions based on their feedbacks. Not only do they provide great extensions, but their customer care is absolutely one of the best there is, thanks! "
"This has been a surprisingly helpful extension. The solution worked for our store out of the box and we've seen better customer interaction and saved me, personally, a lot of time. "
"I put this on my site and it stopped spam. Installation is easy. Support answered all my questions fast. I will be buying more from you guys!"
- Javier about Anti-Spam Captcha
"It was easy to install and use and we have already created some new discounts. In one week we will be blasting our mailing list with some fancy discounts created with this extension, so hopefully we will get lots of new sales."
- Marissa Roxanna about Shopping Cart Price Rules
"The options is really great in this extension. It allows us to customize the message per store and per country and even per region. It is a big improvement over what we had before!"
- Xi Yin about Cookie Law
"Good plugin, that helps you to collect the opinions of your customers about the product. Works well with CDNsun."
- Dennis about Review Reminder
"I am a regular actually i have about 10 extendware products and this service comes handy for when you need quick bug report or consult if there might be a template issue with the extensions. Always satisfied "
"I installed this on client request. It was really easy to install and configure. The client loved it and the customers can find products a lot better now."
- Neva Hickle about Layered Navigation
"We tried another solution and even tried to build our own. Nothing beats the depth of crawling and crawl speed of this solution. Ajax pages, filtered pages, and more were all rapidly crawled and the cache pre-warmed. Great work!"
- Cristin J about Cache Warmer
"I had another extension that did not quite work right and I have been looking for a replacement for 2 months. This does exactly what I wanted! It has a ton of options, so it can fulfill any need. I personally use the date prefixes, and everything works so perfectly. Thanks for this!"
- Jaden Furlough about Custom Order Numbers