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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"I usually never write reviews, but due to my experience with this company I felt that I should write a review. This extension does all that it claims to do, so totally recommended this extension. It also works on our store with extremely many extensions included. This company listens to their customers’ needs and adds improvements to their extensions based on their feedbacks. Not only do they provide great extensions, but their customer care is absolutely one of the best there is, thanks! "
"I was so tired of manually relating products, so I got this and set my related block to show products based on what customers bought the product. It is so much easier for me to administer and more accurate!"
- Casey (survival supply) about Frequently Bought Together
"I found this very useful to stay on top of key metrics such as conversions. I always forget to login to analytics to view reports, but with this extension I see the data everytime I login to the backend. It has allowed me to quickly identify changes to conversion rate or site speed, etc. I hope this will translate into a better run store!"
"Pros: Very advanced features, secondary cache, hole punch support,... Cons: It's not 100% open source. Summary: I use only primary cache and my web site is extremely fast. Also first byte load time is very small now. Support team is very helpful. Highly recommended."
- Koray Küpe about Full Page Cache
"Our store has been growing over the last few months. We previously used the lucene search, but we have outgrown it and found the Sphinx search to be very fast and equally relevant with the results and as always the support is top notch."
- Organic Supply about Sphinx Search
"we set it up so it crawls the site once a day at 1am, customers can start visiting the cached pages next morning smooth fast pages, A+ for Extendware! Thanks "
- Odjik about Cache Warmer
"The extension did improve the speed a lot, the support is excellent and the work is fast and professional, thank you John and team. Highly recommended company and products. "
- asifuncionan about Full Page Cache
"We require the use of an SMTP server and cannot send mail without this extension. This extension met all requirements. Thanks!"
- Annabelle Uhrig about SMTP Email
"Installed with no problems and very easy to configure. Already sent 3 reminders and 2 resulted in orders."
- Maria about Abandoned Cart Email
"This extension is not just a cookie extension. We have been using it to show sales and shipping information to customers from certain credentials and even used it to create a popup message. Great idea!"
- Hans Quintero about Cookie Law