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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"Our images were made much smaller. We used pngout on the png images which made the images very small. Thank you for the great product and support!"
- Abbie about Image Optimization
"The options is really great in this extension. It allows us to customize the message per store and per country and even per region. It is a big improvement over what we had before!"
- Xi Yin about Cookie Law
"I installed this on my slow site and everything worked great. I had an installation issue, which support took care of quickly. My server load has decreased as promised and my site feels so much faster. Really an outstanding product."
- Darryl Bruch about Full Page Cache
"I evaluated 2 other solutions. I really liked the functionality and efficiency of this solution. It did not slow down the store with lots of javascript dependencies and it made our store more modern since ajax is very popular at the moment. It was a solid purchase that I am happy with. I look forward to more products from these guys."
- Max B about AJAX Cart
"Cyber monday nearly brought down our store and the cause was people searching. John told us that the sphinx search would reduce load on the database because it is its own search server. We gave it a shot and our store became much more responsive!"
- Alejandro about Sphinx Search
"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to John and his team for the wonderful work they've done for us. We are using 3 of their performance products... Site Optimizer / Speedster Full Page Cache Full Page Cache Crawler and the result is just awesome. We have a very heavy site and were really worried about the speed till we started using these products. Now the site is flying and our client is very very happy. John and his team were there for us all the time and instantly acted on all of our requests. They went out of their way to advise us and assisted at every step. This is one team I have really enjoyed working with. Very prompt, experienced and willing to take a step forward to get things done. Very Highly recommended. "Thank you" Extendware and a special "Thank you" to John Kevin Martin 888.996.9907 ext 99"
- Kevin Martin about Full Page Cache
"What I love most about the extension is the extensive configuration. It only took 1 click of a button to remove a sort or reverse the sort order. In the admin area we wanted the Extendware mene to be put underneath System instead of in the top menu and this took only a click of a button. Support was very friendly and helped us understand how the extension worked too which is hard to find these days!"
- Erica M about Product Sorting
"The SEO features for catalog product images is a very nice touch to this extension. The image optimization worked great and improved our site speed well. No image quality is loss which is fantastic!"
- Mikah about Image Optimization
"Wow, this is amazing. It includes hundreds of ribbon images and allows advanced rules for placing images so everything is more automated. I absolutely am in love with this extension and how it has transformed our catalog into an eye-popping experience for our customers!"
- Camila Russ about Product Labels
"I actually already had another extension that was like this, but it only offered 4 sort options. Extendware uninstalled that extension and installed this one and it is soooo much better. Tons of sort options, lots of configuration options, and the install was done within 24 hours. John even helped me with some of the configuration. I think this one is even faster than the other one that I used."
- Selena about Product Sorting