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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"Holy *^*&^ it's fast!. It took my 7 second load time down to 1.5 seconds. 5 Stars is not enough. This mod should have 6 stars! If you install any mods after this, save yourself some trouble and make sure you flush full page cache after any mods."
- Craig about Full Page Cache
"I have the page cache + site optimizer + the crawler. No other solution matches this solution, period. Features are constantly being added. It is fast. Support is responsive. I hired them for some custom development and it was affordable and timely. I am very happy with this purchase."
- Zelma B about Full Page Cache
"this feature has really spruced up my site. it was pretty easy to install. the look through theme did not work with my theme, but the default theme worked perfectly. i made some customizations to this to get things just right and it was very easy to do. i can definitely recommend this to other stores."
- erin about Quick View
"I look at this data every single day when I login to the admin section. It is so much more useful than the default dashboard and has enabled me to quickly spot any changes in revenue which might indicate conversion issues or marketing issues."
- Vergie Orellana about Google Analytics Dashboard
"We sell very specialized products that have a lot of attachment and attachment types. The category filtering proved very useful in order to organize this on the frontend and the extension has been very robust."
- Marilyn Ball about Product Attachments
"The title says it all. I installed this extension to email everyone who has not ordered in a while and we got $3000 in additional sales as a result. I am sold!"
- Roberto Lynch about Order Reminder
"I bought this product together with "Minify Js / Css / HTML". Before I was long reviewing how to solve the issues with google page speed to improve SEO and general speed. I am very happy with the results after installing. And I know that Extendware support is great if needed. Thank you very much. "
- Raul about Image Optimization
"After installing this, my page is a lot quicker and faster to download! Be careful with merging files if you have syntax errors in your js. The syntax errors need to be fixed before merging. This is easy to install and use. I recommend the YUICompressor minifiers. It seems to be the best for at least for us. I am going to take a look at the Page Cache next!"
- Jeanie Omar about Minify Js / Css / HTML
"I bought this extension 6 weeks ago and was running into some trouble. Extendware added a new feature that made it much easier for me to create my feed. This extension has so many features and works so well that it has become one of my all time favorite extensions. I currently have 27 feeds that I created with this extension."
- Chung about Product Feeds
"Everything was very easy to configure and install and worked great. Add to cart, compare, and add to wishlist all used ajax which provides a much better experience for our customers."
- Emanuel Fletcher about AJAX Cart