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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"We are using google to handle our mail and this worked absolutely flawlessly. The only hiccup we had is that I did not know google's connection information, but support was awesome and helped me find this information. After inputting it, the extension worked perfectly in the background."
- Rubie about SMTP Email
"This has been a lifesaver! I have reduced the amount of Spam in my store drastically! Very well made module! Will purchase more Extensions soon!"
- asd about Anti-Spam Captcha
"While Magento EE comes with FPC, it has several logic errors in cache handling. EW's Page Cache fixes all of them. The features we particularly wanted, was the ability to edit products in the backend without "invalidating" the cache and FPC. Now we can edit products without the cache being blown up until we refresh it. Combine this with EW's cron controlled crawler and your site will fly. TCO is lowered big time. Can't say enough about John's professionalism in bug fixes and configuration assistance. We tried two other solutions for FPC and both failed miserably in comparison to EW's Page Cache."
- Nathan about Full Page Cache
"The extension did improve the speed a lot, the support is excellent and the work is fast and professional, thank you John and team. Highly recommended company and products. "
- asifuncionan about Full Page Cache
"I am a regular actually i have about 10 extendware products and this service comes handy for when you need quick bug report or consult if there might be a template issue with the extensions. Always satisfied "
- Louis about Magento Development
"We don't have Redis so we use the optimized file cache and have noticed that saving products and checkouts are much faster as a result. Cheers!"
"I have been looking for this solution for months. It should be part of the core Magento code. You saved my day with this extension!"
"I only write reviews when extensions are REALLY good - and am HAPPY to write this as I AM DELIGHTED with Abandoned Cart Reminder. 1) Another store of ours was approached by a abandoned cart re-marketing company who was happy to be paid as an Affiliate. Their "special sauce" was capturing email addresses "live" without the customer registering. Okay, so we install their JS on our cart page and in 3 days they brought in about US$3,000 which cost me $600 in affiliate payout. YUCK. These are my customers - why should I pay so much for such a "simple" thing. (For reference, that store has about a 40% abandon rate, of the emails sent by this Affiliate, 35% clicked back to the site, and 35% of those made a purchase. Abandoned Cart Remakerting WORKS!) 2) I have looked and looked for Magento Commerce Abandon Cart Marketing extensions - but Extendware is the ONLY one which will capture email addresses silently. BRILLIANT. 3) We use OneStepCheckout by iDev - No customization or adjustments needed for this - it worked on the first try. 4) This extension is worth MUCH MORE THAN $79 - you will very very quickly recover the investment. Thank you Exntendware! Exactly what I needed. Big money maker. Worked with our custom one page checkout right out of the box. Just Brilliant! "
"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to John and his team for the wonderful work they've done for us. We are using 3 of their performance products... Site Optimizer / Speedster Full Page Cache Full Page Cache Crawler and the result is just awesome. We have a very heavy site and were really worried about the speed till we started using these products. Now the site is flying and our client is very very happy. John and his team were there for us all the time and instantly acted on all of our requests. They went out of their way to advise us and assisted at every step. This is one team I have really enjoyed working with. Very prompt, experienced and willing to take a step forward to get things done. Very Highly recommended. "Thank you" Extendware and a special "Thank you" to John Kevin Martin 888.996.9907 ext 99"
- Kevin Martin about Full Page Cache
"After trying to find a way to send mail by SMTP - and searching in knowledge bases etc., I only found "solutions" which did NOT work ... . But then I learned about SMTP Email Plus. After this extension was installed, sending mails works fine - and whithout any problems! Therefore I MUST say, this extension is great: for only 79 US$ all the troubles an problems could be solved ... !"
- HansPeter about SMTP Email