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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"Easy to install and use. No bugs found and I have been using it for 4 weeks. Already have 6 new sales as a result of this extension. I believe this is a must have extension for any store."
"This extension saved me so much time with our Skus making saving products take forever! Really impressed with this and the Extendware Customer Service!"
- Pradeep about Improved Indexing
"This extension is really great and it continually gets better. I noticed it did not work when sending BBC e-mails. I asked support and they already had a new version out that fixed it! Awesome work!"
- Neil about SMTP Email
"I had another extension that did what this does, but it did not work! I installed this and it worked as expected. Lesson learned, I will be going to Extendware first from now on!"
- Cody Pharris about AJAX Cart
"We actually had a FPD suite with a very well know extension developer that ultimately backfired within about 4 months and started locking ages up. Our dev recommended this suite, and it improved our metrics incredibly. Everything from the speed metrics to page score. There is some legitimate configuring required sometimes, and Tej and Alana were extremely helpful in getting us running. This is the type of must-have extension that is worth the investment within the first week. We ended up purchasing every performance module we could and are buying our other available extensions here as well."
- sky about Full Page Cache
"We announced our loyalty program in our newsletter and the feed back was very positive. So far we have already received several purchases as a result of the loyalty program."
- James West about Loyalty Program
"I purchased this extension awhile ago and the extension has performed flawlessly! Even more, I REALLY needed the ability to record transactions that we invoice outside of the shopping cart. Customers were getting upset that these transactions did not count towards the loyalty program. Extendware heard my issue and added this feature promptly. Now the extension is absolutely perfect!"
- Mindy about Loyalty Program
"John helped me out with an issue I had very quickly and I appreciate that. The extension works well. It definitely gives the store a more complete feel as Magento has neglected the autocomplete functionality of search."
- Jami Whitcher about Ajax Search
"I don't know how we lived on magento for over almost 2 years without this extension! All I can say is, if you value your time at all, BUY THIS EXTENSION! The ability to add all kinds of attributes as well to mass edit and sort by is just plain amazing and we can now sort our product data to EXACTLY what we are wanting to work on at that time and then not only have it perfectly sorted, perform mass edits on those items as well. We have purchased LOTS of extensions to give our site all the bells and whistles of modern e-commerce, but this baby was for US, not our customers, which may be why it is now my favorite extension we have installed thus-far... I just can't say enough good about this extension."
- Kristi about Admin Product Grid
"This has been a lifesaver! I have reduced the amount of Spam in my store drastically! Very well made module! Will purchase more Extensions soon!"
- asd about Anti-Spam Captcha