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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"We were fed up of manually perusing our stores abandoned carts manually so to have this extension do all the follow ups for us is a real blessing. Within days it had paid for itself not to mention the manual hours spent manually emailing our customers in pursuit of that all important sale. The fanatical Extendware support team have been a real example to how a support service should be. A great price for a terrific extension - don't hesitate, buy it!"
- Abrocour about Abandoned Cart Email
"We are using this on our digital photography store and it has saved us a ton of time. We also use the mass product actions, so we can copy tier prices from one product to the other too. With these two extensions combined it has saved us a ton of time and allows us to concentrate on more profitable activities than constantly changing tier prices in our store!"
"I had another extension that did what this does, but it did not work! I installed this and it worked as expected. Lesson learned, I will be going to Extendware first from now on!"
- Cody Pharris about AJAX Cart
"After trying to find a way to send mail by SMTP - and searching in knowledge bases etc., I only found "solutions" which did NOT work ... . But then I learned about SMTP Email Plus. After this extension was installed, sending mails works fine - and whithout any problems! Therefore I MUST say, this extension is great: for only 79 US$ all the troubles an problems could be solved ... !"
- HansPeter about SMTP Email
"I have been waiting for this extension FOREVER. I am so happy that I found it. I am always at coffee shops or in hotels with my laptop and I am always scared my store will be hacked. This makes me feel much more secure when logging in when I am on the road."
- Herman Green about Two-Factor Authentication
"Absolutely brilliant! Our checkout and product editing time was cut in half after using this extension. Thanks for the recommendation!"
- Elizabeth West about Cache Backends / Faster Checkout
"The extension installed without trouble. Support responded quickly when I asked them some configuration questions. Everything seems to work well"
- Jordan about Abandoned Cart Email
"I was very impressed with not only the support, but how complete the product was. I had some questions and was responded to in about 5 minutes, which is incredible! Thanks for all the help guys!"
- RcModels about Product Sorting
"We have over 10,000 skus running on our magento multistore setup and it was dreadfully slow to browse our site. After installing the full page cache extension the speed was significantly improved. No more waiting and waiting, the pages load instantly now and we and our customers are very happy. John was also very helpful in getting our site setup correctly. I highly recommend this extension if you have a large store with several thousand SKUs."
- Harry Tran about Full Page Cache
"We have the full page cache. That worked great, but sometimes customers would get a slow page because the page was not yet in the cache. The crawler solved this problem by ensuring pages are always in the cache. It is very easy to use. Set it and forget it. Its the way extensions should be."
- Emilia Calico about Cache Warmer