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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"We sell very specialized products that have a lot of attachment and attachment types. The category filtering proved very useful in order to organize this on the frontend and the extension has been very robust."
- Marilyn Ball about Product Attachments
"we had great performance with the extension and found it easy to use and install. the search quality of our store definitely improved a lot."
- Stella Meyer about Sphinx Search
"Absolutely the best solution. I tried 3 other solutions and finally came across this page cache and it is so much faster than any other solution I tried."
- Jason about Full Page Cache
"I had another extension that did not quite work right and I have been looking for a replacement for 2 months. This does exactly what I wanted! It has a ton of options, so it can fulfill any need. I personally use the date prefixes, and everything works so perfectly. Thanks for this!"
- Jaden Furlough about Custom Order Numbers
"Just awesome, I was getting a 4-5 second time to first byte, and after John helped configure my settings due to another badly written module affected the performance, I am now getting a 0.3 s time to first byte! It has saved my store!!! Eternally grateful I found this module! Cheers"
- Lyle about Full Page Cache
"Cyber monday nearly brought down our store and the cause was people searching. John told us that the sphinx search would reduce load on the database because it is its own search server. We gave it a shot and our store became much more responsive!"
- Alejandro about Sphinx Search
"I have been looking for a way to add date prefixes to my numbers and no other solution worked. This installed easily, worked perfectly, and now I can quit worrying about order numbers and worry about getting orders :)"
"This worked great! I even suggested to add a picture to the email template and extendware added the feature for me in a few days. I have already had 5 abandoned carts recovered that has made me over $200!"
- Cesar about Abandoned Cart Email
"We have over 10,000 skus running on our magento multistore setup and it was dreadfully slow to browse our site. After installing the full page cache extension the speed was significantly improved. No more waiting and waiting, the pages load instantly now and we and our customers are very happy. John was also very helpful in getting our site setup correctly. I highly recommend this extension if you have a large store with several thousand SKUs."
- Harry Tran about Full Page Cache
"Easy to install, easy to use, and worked great. I had to copy over a 200 categories and this extension made this a breeze!"
- Brunilda about Category Copy