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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"As expected quality extension quality code. We are moving all our extensions over to extendware.... quality simply cannot be beaten. "
"Pros: Very advanced features, secondary cache, hole punch support,... Cons: It's not 100% open source. Summary: I use only primary cache and my web site is extremely fast. Also first byte load time is very small now. Support team is very helpful. Highly recommended."
- Koray Küpe about Full Page Cache
"We require the use of an SMTP server and cannot send mail without this extension. This extension met all requirements. Thanks!"
- Annabelle Uhrig about SMTP Email
"Magento's default navigation leaves a lot to be desired. We looked at two different extensions for AJAX Layered Navigation, one from AITOC and this one from Extendware. The Extendware version does everything the AITOC version does (and more) at a significantly better price. Support from Extendware has been very responsive. We have over 20,000 products and AJAX Layered Navigation Pro helps our customers find the products they are looking for a whole lot easier and quicker."
- Chris about Layered Navigation
"I only write reviews when extensions are REALLY good - and am HAPPY to write this as I AM DELIGHTED with Abandoned Cart Reminder. 1) Another store of ours was approached by a abandoned cart re-marketing company who was happy to be paid as an Affiliate. Their "special sauce" was capturing email addresses "live" without the customer registering. Okay, so we install their JS on our cart page and in 3 days they brought in about US$3,000 which cost me $600 in affiliate payout. YUCK. These are my customers - why should I pay so much for such a "simple" thing. (For reference, that store has about a 40% abandon rate, of the emails sent by this Affiliate, 35% clicked back to the site, and 35% of those made a purchase. Abandoned Cart Remakerting WORKS!) 2) I have looked and looked for Magento Commerce Abandon Cart Marketing extensions - but Extendware is the ONLY one which will capture email addresses silently. BRILLIANT. 3) We use OneStepCheckout by iDev - No customization or adjustments needed for this - it worked on the first try. 4) This extension is worth MUCH MORE THAN $79 - you will very very quickly recover the investment. Thank you Exntendware! Exactly what I needed. Big money maker. Worked with our custom one page checkout right out of the box. Just Brilliant! "
"Default magento search really is bad for german language and using this extension has improved our search results a lot and they return in about half the time too. Absolutely must have!"
- Andreas about Sphinx Search
"this tool has made it much easier to quickly determine if there are any rewrite conflicts in the store and the suggestion to fix it usually works quite well. i now consider this a must have"
- Mikey about Extension Conflict
"I installed this on Enterprise and everything worked great. The staff even helped me with the template variables. I recommend this to anyone who is not satisfied with the normal email order status templates."
"The pictures must not be updated on the site because the configuration is a lot more flexible than in the pictures. This crawler is amazing. It crawls everything. Products, categories, sort orders, search queries, multiple pages deep, layered nav filters, everything. This solution (with the page cache) saved my shop!"
- Jessie Shrewsberry about Cache Warmer
"We absolutely love how the search suggest works and looks on our site. Definitely better than the default magento auto complete and we have already received feedback from our customers who also love this little extension!"
- Robert H about Ajax Search