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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"I use this extension to set the prices for our wholesale shop. It makes it so much faster. I do not know how I lived before this extension. So much time saved!"
- Kurt Kratochvil about Bulk Product Updating
"I have this and the crawler and they are an amazing solution. My page load times shrank, page load in google analytics went down, google started crawling the site more, and browsing the site was possible once again. Thanks for this and thanks for always updating it to include new features!"
- Jessie Shrewsberry about Full Page Cache
"I have been using this extension for 3 months and I highly recommend it! The feature-set is very complete. I mostly use it for changing prices on many products and in this it is extremely flexible. John even added a custom feature for me!"
- Jasmine R. Michaud about Bulk Product Updating
"Our catalog has about 77,000 skus and this made saving any product very slow which wasted our employees time. John recommended to try this extension and after installing we saved about 15 seconds in product save time! 15 seconds times the number of products saved per day is a lot of time. In fact, the extension records the amount of time saved and so far we have regained about 8 hours in lost productivity!"
- Paola about Improved Indexing
"I didn't expect this to make as much of a difference as it did but WOW, we're extremely pleased! We had a small snag with some incorrect configurations on our side but John jumped right in and sorted it out right away. If you're on the fence, do it. Incredible results and the support is top notch! You'll never go back to Magento without an FPC again once you experience the difference in your own shop. "
- Jason about Full Page Cache
"I use the page caching product and needed Redis support, so I purchased this. I also used the file backend for the magento cache. Speed improvements have definitely been noticeable and I much prefer to use Redis over Memcache. Great extension for those that need it."
"I installed this and checked out Google Pagespeed and my sites score greatly improved. Very easy to use, works silently in the background, and really makes the site faster!"
- Nelson M about Minify Js / Css / HTML
"John helped me out with an issue I had very quickly and I appreciate that. The extension works well. It definitely gives the store a more complete feel as Magento has neglected the autocomplete functionality of search."
- Jami Whitcher about Ajax Search
"I bought this product together with "Minify Js / Css / HTML". Before I was long reviewing how to solve the issues with google page speed to improve SEO and general speed. I am very happy with the results after installing. And I know that Extendware support is great if needed. Thank you very much. "
- Raul about Image Optimization
"I evaluated 2 other solutions. I really liked the functionality and efficiency of this solution. It did not slow down the store with lots of javascript dependencies and it made our store more modern since ajax is very popular at the moment. It was a solid purchase that I am happy with. I look forward to more products from these guys."
- Max B about AJAX Cart