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Product Sorting

Quick Overview

Magento Product Sorting increases the effectiveness of your online product catalog and can increase your conversion rates. Sort products on your sales page by Best Sellers, Top Performers, Most Viewed, Number of Reviews, and more. Easily cascade your sorting options - such as always showing in stock items first.
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Magento Product Sorting ensures your customers find the product they want as fast possible! Allow them to sort products by best sellers, savings, discount, best sellers, review count, rating, popularity, revenue, and more. The quicker and easier a customer can find a quality product that catches their interest, the faster they will make a purchase. Don't lose sales because your customers don't have the tools they need to browse your catalog. Buy Magento Product Sorting extension to make your catalog more usable and more profitable!

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Note: This list is not an complete list of features. Please try the demo to see this extension in action.

  • Bring Better Performing Products into Focus
    Oftentimes a few products provide most of a store's income. Bring these products to the forefront by sorting your products based on various performance metrics. For example, you can sort your products by best selling (total sales), revenue generated, revenue per visitor, or orders per visitor. It makes sense to put products that are most likely to generate revenue in front of your customers and this is what Advanced Product Sorting achieves for you.
  • 13 Additional Magento Sort Methods Added to Your Store
    Give your customers the flexibility and power to sort products in a way that is important to them. Here are the ways your customer can sort products.
    • Sort by Newest - The date the product was added to the catalog
    • Sort by In Stock - The product stock status
    • Sort by Savings - The dollar amount saved from the base price
    • Sort by Discount - The percent saved from the base price
    • Sort by Best sellers - The number of times the product has been ordered
    • Sort by Popularity - The number of times the product has been viewed
    • Sort by Stock Quantity - The inventory level of the product
    • Sort by Review Rating - The rating that reviewers have given the product
    • Sort by Review Count - The number of product reviews
    • Sort by Wishlist Popularity - The of times the product has been added to the wishlist
    • Sort by Revenue Generated - The amount of revenue the product has generated
    • Sort by Revenue per View - The average amount of revenue generated per product view
    • Sort by Orders per View - The number of orders generated per product view
    • Sort by Has Image - Whether the product has a primary image or not
  • Always Show In-Stock Products First
    Out-of-stock products do not produce the same number of sales as in-stock products. With Advanced Product Sorting you can pre-sort based on in-stock status, so that in-stock products are shown first no matter which sort method is currently selected.
  • Stock Quantity has Full Support for Configurable Products! new!
    Sort products by stock quantity in your store and fully support configurable products. Choose a configurable stock quantity to either be a sum or an average of its child products stock quantity.
  • Easily Disable Sorting Methods / Indexes
    Every sorting method can be enabled / disabled (including Magento built-in sort methods) and indexing can be enabled / disabled on a per-sort-method basis. This ensures that customers do not have access to sort methods unless you want them to have access.
  • Sort Products Without an Image Last new!
    Products with no images can make your catalog look unprofessional, so we give you the option to sort those products last if you want.
  • Change Sorting Order and Reverse Sort
    You can easily change the order of the sort methods that are given to your customers. In addition, if your catalog sorts in an ascending order by default you can choose to sort "Newest" by descending by default to ensure customers see newest products first instead of older products first.
  • Works with Layered Navigation new!
    Sort products that are listed on layered navigation and not just normal category pages.
  • Works with Product Blocks
    You can easily create product blocks that are sorted with one of the custom sort methods. This enables you to create product blocks such as "What's hot", "Current discounts", "Hot deals", or "What's new" product blocks with ease. The possibilities are endless!
  • Disable Sort Orders on Specific Categories
    Extension is completely compatible with Magento such that you can continue to select sort orders on a per-category basis and even change the default sort order per category.
  • Advanced Configuration for Ultimate Flexibility
    Easily add pre-sort or post-sort methods to sorts. For example, pre-sort by in stock status to always show users the current sort status, pre-sort on rating count when sorting by review rating, or post-sort by best seller for all sorting method to optimize catalog conversion. In addition, change the sort label or order code that appears in the browser URL. Rename "Best Sellers" to "Featured" easily from the configuration screen.
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