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Frequently Bought Together

Quick Overview

Expose customers to products they will be interested in while they are viewing one of your Magento store products. Extendware's Frequently Bought Together extension auto-fills the "Related", "Cross-Sell", and "Up-Sell" blocks and is one of the best and easiest ways to increase store sales and average transaction size.
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Extendware's Magento Frequently Bought Together extension will automatically present your customers targeted product recommendations based on historical product order data stored in your Magento store database. As you know, targeted product recommendations increase sales by showing customers products they will likely be interested in based on the historical sales of the current product they are viewing.

For example, if someone is viewing an Apple IPhone and customers who previously purchased an Apple IPhone also purchased an Apple Charger, then the Apple Charger (and similar) products will also be displayed to the shopper.

The Frequently Bought Together extension is specifically designed to easily show cross-sell product options on your checkout pages. The "Upsell", Cross-Sell", and "Related" product blocks will be automatically filled in for your customers. By showing previously purchased products based on historical product data already stored in your Magento database, you increase the likelihood that customers will add additional items to their shopping cart.

Additionally, if you already have existing products assigned to these product blocks, then you can choose to show these items First, Last, or Not At All.

Note: This extensions works well with Magento Who Viewed This Also Viewed.

Features / Benefits - Missing a feature? Request a new feature!

Note: This list is not an complete list of features. Please try the demo to see this extension in action.

  • Intelligently and Automatic Give Product Recommendations to Customers
    Give recommendations on product pages to customers based on order data to increase the probability of multiple purchases.
  • Auto-Fill Various Blocks in Your Store
    Any or all of these blocks can be auto-filled by the Who Bought This Also Bought extension
    • Related products block
    • Up-sell products block
    • Cross-sell products block
    • Checkout Cross-sell products block
  • Create Your Own Custom Blocks to Show Frequently Bought Together data
    If you don't want the existing blocks to be auto-filled you can create your own custom blocks to show Bought Together products
  • Existing Related, Up-Sell, and Cross-Sell Products Can Still Display
    If you have manually assigned products to these blocks then you can ensure the manual products are still displayed and the auto-assigned products only display if there are not enough manual products.
  • Show Also Viewed products after Also Bought products
    If there are not enough products based on Also Bought data, then products from our Who Viewed This Also Viewed extension can also be displayed if you have this extension.
  • Limit the Number of Products in a Block
    Ensure that only a set number of products will display in the product lists
  • Very High Performance
    Data is cached so that it does not slow down your store.
  • Works Even for Old Orders
    Even orders placed before installation of the extension will be analyzed to auto create the product associations.
  • And Much, Much More!
    Please try our demo and take advantage of our risk-free 30 day refund guarantee to fully see the power and elegance of the Who Bought This Also Bought extension.
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