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Order Reminder

Quick Overview

Our Magento Order Reminder increases store revenue by marketing to existing customers who have not ordered from your store in a while. Unlimited reminder, customizable intervals, and the ability to attach an automatically generated coupon to the email gives you the tools to incentivize additional purchases.
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Magento Order Reminder extension helps increase sales by marketing to existing customers who have not ordered from your store in a while. It is almost always cheaper to market to your existing customers than to try and acquire new customers. Magento Order Reminder extension will e-mail customers who have not ordered in a while and encourage them to make a new purchase. You can setup multiple reminders / follow up intervals and you can even include a automatically generated coupon in the reminder to incentivize the purchase.

For example, you can email customers who have not ordered in the last 3 months. At month 4, if they still have not ordered, you can send them another follow up that includes a coupon to further encourage them to make a purchase.

Features / Benefits - Missing a feature? Request a new feature!

Note: This list is not an complete list of features. Please try the demo to see this extension in action.

  • Increase Store Revenue Easily
    Increase the revenue your store generates by getting additional sales. Order reminder can quickly pay for itself!
  • Send an Unlimited Number of Order Follow-Ips
    You may select from 1 to an unlimited number of reminders and each setting is set on a per-store basis.
  • Easily Track Emails with Google Analytics
    Links back to your store will include your google tracking parameters for easier tracking.
  • Supports One-Step-Checkout Extensions
    Order reminders will work even if you are using a custom checkout extension..
  • Coupons with Expiration can Automatically be Added to Reminders
    Adding coupons to your reminders will motivate your users to complete their sale! Various coupon types are supported and you can customize the priority and discount of the created coupon. You can even set a minimum cart value before the coupon is enabled.
  • Coupons Support Advanced Action Rules / Conditions
    Maybe you want to give a coupon for orders over $500 or only for products in a certain category. Automatically coupon generation supports advanced coupon creation to give you ultimate flexibility.
  • Each Coupon Sent Will Have a Unique Coupon Code so it Cannot be Used More Than Once New!
    Coupons that are sent to users are completely unique, so they cannot be shared or published on a Web site. Each coupon will only work one time.
  • Unsubscribe / E-Mail Blacklist Abilities
    Ensure you are compliant with any regional laws by giving customers the option to unsubscribe from further follow-ups.
  • Change the Reminder Template in Any Way You Want
    Every order reminder can have its own e-mail template. This template can be modified in System -> Transactional Emails just like any other Magento template. In addition, you have the option to further change any reminder before it is sent to the customer.
  • Reminders / Alerts Automatically Stop on a New Order
    If you are sending multiple reminders at an interval such as one at 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month of no ordering, then the follow-up stream will stop if the customer makes a new purchase.
  • Only Send Reminders to Specific Customer Groups New!
    You can disable the sending of emails to specific customer groups. This ensure your wholesale customers will not receive messages meant for your retail customers.
  • Send Copy of Reminder to Alternate E-Mail Address
    In addition to the reminder log you can choose to send copies of reminders to other email addresses so you can keep track of what reminders are being sent.
  • You Have Complete Control of Reminders and When They Are Sent
    Turn off auto sending and you may manually send reminders or delete them or even edit the reminder contents prior to sending.
  • Customizable Delay Period Between Reminders
    A reminder sequence is the sequence of reminders that are sent to customers who have not ordered recently. The time periods between each reminder in a sequence can be customized according to your needs.
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