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Product Labels

Quick Overview

Automatically highlight your special offers, featured products, sales, and more. Multiple images / labels per products supported, flexible rules, and many, many options to empower you to market your products the best way possible.

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Magento Product Label extension allows you to highlight your special offers, featured products, sale items and more to improve your catalog's conversion rate. What good is a promotion if you are not communicating the promotion effectively to your customers? Magento Product Labels allows you to highlight products by placing images / labels over the product image.

The number of marketing possibilities are endless. Mark items as being on clearance, put a graphic an "50% OFF" label on a product, or show which products are new in your catalog or which have free shipping. Product Labels includes advanced filtering rules and features. It is limited only by your imagination!

Informing customers of hot items, sales, etc is not the only use-case of Magento Product Labels. You can also use it to inform customers of special product characteristics. For example, highlight a product as being "100% natural", "Organic", "Made Locally", "1 Year Guarantee" or anything else you can imagine. The goal is to communicate important information in an emphasized, visually pleasant way! You can even place multiple labels on a single product image.

Features / Benefits - Missing a feature? Request a new feature!

Note: This list is not an complete list of features. Please try the demo to see this extension in action.

  • Highlight Special / Clearance Products
    Having a special on a product is only effective if customers are aware of the special. You can use Product Labels to highlight these products and make them easily identifiable. You can even automatically control how much of a discount a product must have to be highlighted. You can create a label such as "SAVE NOW" or "50% OFF" or "CLEARANCE" or anything else you can imagine.
  • Hundreds of Product Label Images Are Included!
    Don't waste your time creating your own label graphics. Product Labels comes with hundreds of graphics ready for you to use!
  • Emphasize Important Product Information
    Certain product characteristics make products more desirable to certain customers. For example, manufacturer, environmentally friendliness, manufacturing location, and more. Imagine a Product Ribbon that marked a product as "100% Organic" or perhaps putting the Sony logo on all products manufactured by Sony or putting the country flag of all products manufactured by a specific country. Are you selling clothes? How about a "One Size Fits All" informational graphic. Selling watches? Put "Waterproof" images on select watches. Selling dental products? Put "ADA Certified". The possibilities are endless.
  • Emphasize New Products
    New products sell. Everyone wants recently released products and returning customers want to be drawn to products added since their last visit. Take advantage of this by highlighting your new products. Labels can even automatically update with the product age. For example, "NEW", "Added 2 days ago", "New Arrival (3 days)", etc
  • Show Multiple Ribbons per Product Image
    Sometimes 1 ribbon is not enough. Do not worry! You can include an unlimited number or ribbons per product. If a product is both on sale and featured, then it can display both labels. There are no limits to the number of ribbons per image. What happens if two ribbons appear in the same location? One of them will be automatically hidden based on its priority.
  • Limit Ribbons Based on Powerful Rule Conditions
    There are advanced condition rules that allow you to limit the display of the ribbon based on product attributes. For example, only show ribbon on products from category Electronics with a 20% discount that were added to the catalog within the last 30 days. You can create rules as complex or as simple as you need with our advanced rule engine.
  • Add / Remove Ribbons to Specific Products
    If the filter rules are not specific enough for you, you can add / remove a ribbon from specific products. This ensures that ribbons only appear on the exact products you want. You can even set a date range that the product will be added / removed and after this time period it will revert back to its default.
  • Add Your Own Product Ribbon Images
    If one of the hundreds of included images do not meet your needs, then you can upload your own images for the ultimate customizability!
  • Customize Your Ribbon Exactly the Way You Want
    Easily add CSS to position the image and label, add border, change colors, and more.
  • Use Different Ribbons for the Catalog Page / Product Page
    It often-times does not make sense to use the same image for the catalog page and the product page because the product images are often-times different sizes. You can easily use a different image / label for the catalog and product page.
  • Use Dynamic Variables for Ribbon Text
    Note: You can use any product attribute in the label text. In addition, you can use the following special variables:
    • {{var ew:discount_percent}} - This is the percent discount that a product is marked down from its normal price. You can format this further. For examle, if you set the discount percent is 55.75% and you only want to show the leading digits, then you would use {{var ew:discount_percent|sprintf:%s}}. Useful for "Save {{var ew:discount_percent|sprintf:%s}}%!".
    • {{var ew:discount_amount}} - This is the actual numeric value of the savings. If the normal price of a product is $100.00 and the sale price is $75.00, the discount amount would be $25.00. Useful for "Save ${{var ew:discount_amount}}!".
    • {{var ew:seconds_since_creation}} - This will show the number of seconds since the creation of the product. You can convert this to other time periods. For example, to show the number of days since creation you could use the following: {{var ew:seconds_since_creation|divide:86400|round|max:1}}. Useful for "Added {{var ew:seconds_since_creation|divide:86400|round|max:1}} days ago!"
    • {{var ew:seconds_since_update}} - The seconds since the last time the product was updated. Useful for "Updated {{var ew:seconds_since_updated|divide:86400|round|max:1}} days ago!"
    • {{var ew:price}} - This will show the product price if there is not special price or the special price if it is applicable. To only show the product's price, you would use {{var price}} or to only show the special price you would use {{var special_price}}.
    • More, more, and more - There are literally dozens of special variables. You can see a list in the help text next to the ribbon text field in the admin area.
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