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Follow Up Email

Quick Overview

Increase revenue and communicate better with your customers using rule-based Follow Up emails. Our Follow Up Email Magento Extension Add-on can target customers who have exited your store leaving abandoned carts, customers who placed an order, customers who ordered a specific product, and even email new buying opportunities to customers so that they arrive right on their birthday.
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The Magento Follow Up Email extension is the most powerful solution to create highly customizable email follow-ups. You can create follow ups based on 25+ different trigger events. Each follow up email can contain its own coupon code (or no code) to incentivize a follow-up purchase. The follow-up email can even be restricted to a certain date range, customer group, product, customer, etc.

Increase Store Revenue
An ongoing E-mail marketing campaign is an essential way to increase your average Revenue Per Customer, and Follow-Up Marketing Emails are an essential part of successful email marketing campaigns. If you are not following up with your customers, then you are literally leaving free money on the table. Our Follow Up Emails will help you create rule-based email campaigns that target actual and potential buyers who order certain products, abandon their shopping carts, and respond to date-specific events, like birthdays.

Powerful Filtering
Follow up emails are less useful if you cannot target them to specific users based on their prior behavior with your store. With Magento Follow Up Email you can target specific customers based on customer conditions and specific products based on product conditions. For example, you can trigger an email Follow Up for abandoned carts with abandoned orders based on a certain product in the cart. You can also do the same for specific orders; so you can retarget customers who order a certain product with other items that they may want to buy.

Extreme Flexibility
Every follow email stream can contain an unlimited number of follow ups. For example, you can send someone a follow up on their birthday and provide them a discount code. If they have not ordered in one month, you can send them an additional email reminding them of their coupon and reminding them to place an order.

Follow Up Trigger Events
Here is a sample of the trigger events you can use to market to customers and improve customer communications:

  • Cart abandoned
  • Cart item added
  • Cart item removed
  • Customer sign-up
  • Customer login
  • Customer group changed
  • Customer birthday
  • Newsletter subscribed
  • Newsletter unsubscribed
  • Wishlist shared
  • Wishlist item added
  • Wishlist item removed
  • Order obtains "new" status
  • Order obtains "pending" status
  • Order obtains "processing" status
  • Order obtains "cancelled" status
  • Order obtains "closed" status
  • Order obtains "complete" status
  • Order obtains "on hold" status
  • Order obtains "payment review" status
  • Order obtains "pending payment" status
  • Order obtains "pending paypal" status
  • Order obtains "suspected fraud" status

Features / Benefits - Missing a feature? Request a new feature!

Note: This list is not an complete list of features. Please try the demo to see this extension in action.

  • Increase Revenue
    Email customers who abandon their cart or email customers who purchase one product in order to recommend them a related product.
  • Unlimited Follow Ups
    Once an email stream is triggered you can have an unlimited number of follow ups that send at different intervals.
  • Flexible Trigger Events
    There are 25+ different trigger events that can be used to generate follow ups
  • Flexible Cancel Events
    When there are multiple emails in a stream you may want to prematurely cancel some emails. For example, if you send a follow up stream to someone who recently registered and offer them a discount you may want to remind them every week to place an order. You don't want to do this forever, so the reminder stream can be canceled as soon as they place an order.
  • Customizable Coupons
    Powerful and customizable coupon options. Every individual email can include a coupon. For example, email #1 to a customer may have no coupon. If they do not order in one week, then send email #2 which does include a coupon. Think of the potential!
  • Only Trigger Email Follow Ups for Specific Customer Groups or Customers
    You can choose a specific follow up to only trigger for your retail customers for example or you can even individually select / exclude specific customers from receiving the follow up.
  • Only Send Email Follow Up for Certain Products
    You can select to not send a follow up unless the order / abandoned cart contains specific products or products that match specific rules or order size. This allows you to create extremely powerful follow ups that are specific to a given situation.
  • Track Emails with Google (or others)
    Add tracking parameters to the email links so you can determine when links were clicked and if an order resulted.
  • Enable Email Follow up Rule Only Between Specific Dates
    Easily make it so a rule is only valid during specific dates. Great for making a time limited email campaign or to target specific holidays.
  • Automatically Send Emails or Manually Approve Before Send
    Ensure an email never gets sent prior to reviewing its contents by enabling manual send. Otherwise, emails will automatically send without any interaction.
  • Optionally Edit the Email Before its Sent
    Optionally and easily edit any queued email before it is sent, so that you can add situation specific information to it.
  • Enable Your Customers to Unsubscribe
    Each follow up email includes an unsubscribe link so customers will no longer receive any follow up emails if they unsubscribe.
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