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Admin Product Grid

Quick Overview

Extendware's Magento Admin Product Grid extension allows you to easily filter and edit your products within the product grid. You can add / remove columns, change the ordering of columns, filter by new attributes or categories, and much more. Editable Product Grid turns your Product Grid into a powerful editing tool.
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Extendware's Magento Product Grid brings your product management to the 21st century. Turn your Product Grid into an editing tool that allows you to more easily sort products based on attributes or categories, add new columns to the Product Grid, and even change the order of the Product Grid Columns. You can easily edit product data - such as the price or name of a product - and have the changes take effect immediately.

You can also filter by various product attributes and make mass changes using Extendware's Bulk Product Updating extension or Magento's built-in functionality.

Features / Benefits - Missing a feature? Request a new feature!

Note: This list is not an complete list of features. Please try the demo to see this extension in action.

  • Easily Edit Product Data in the Product Grid
    Quickly and easily edit data such as name, price, stock quantity, attribute set, etc, directly in the product grid.
  • Easily Filter Products Based on Attributes
    Simply add an attribute to the grid and then filter products by it very easily which allows you to more efficiently find products.
  • Easily Filter Products Based on Category and Show Categories in the Grid
    Have you ever wondered how to show only products in a specific category? Well now that is possible.
  • Change the Ordering of Columns in the Grid with Drag and Drop
    Have you ever wished that product status was displayed before the name or vice-versa? No problem! You can change the ordering of columns in the grid to support your work-flow.
  • Support for Single or Batch Edit Modes
    • Single Edit Mode - each product will be saved after each edit
    • Batch Edit Mode - edit multiple products at once and then save the changes at the same time
  • Set the Width of Each Column New!
    Some columns are more important than others, so they should be wider so they have focus. Easily set the width of any column of the grid.
  • Show the Product Image in the Grid
    Optionally show the image of the product in the grid so it is easier to identify. You can even easily change the image size.
  • Show Cross-Sells, Up-Sells, and Related Products in the Grid
    Optionally display related, cross-sell, and up-sell products in the grid to make it easier to identify what has been assigned to what product.
  • Identify Products that Do Not Have a Category
    Often times you will want to know what product has no category so you can assign it a category and we make this easy to do
  • Remember Your Last Sort Order New!
    If you sort the grid and login / logout normally Magento forgets your sort preference. Now your sort preference will be remembered!
  • Show Last Update Time in the Grid
    Optionally display the last update time of a product in the grid which is very useful for seeing which products have had recent changes.
  • Change the Default Number of Products in the Grid
    By default the admin product grid displays 20 products. In some stores it makes sense to raise or lower this default value so we give you the power to do this.
  • Grid Configuration is Per-Admin User
    Each admin in your store can select their own grid configuration that works best based on their individual work-flow.
  • Fields Can Be Marked as Read-Only
    Ensure that some fields will always be read-only in the grid even if an admin wants to edit them. This ensures some admins will not accidentally make changes they should not.
  • Fields Can Be Hidden From the Grid
    Don't want a field such as the category to be in the grid even if an admin wants it? Globally make it hidden so it will not be shown in any grids.
  • Remember Filtering Between Sessions New!
    If you filter the grid and login / logout normally Magento forgets your filter preference. Now your filter preference will be remembered!
  • 100% Compatible with Bulk Product Updating
    Our Editable Product Grid works 100% with Bulk Product Updating. The power of Mass Product Actions combined with the filtering capability of Editable Product Grid is a great combination.
  • And much, much more!
    Please try our demo and take advantage of our risk-free 30 day refund guarantee to fully see the power and elegance of the Magento Editable Product Grid extension.
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