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Minify Js / Css / HTML

Quick Overview

Speed up your site, improve your search engine site rankings and conversion rate, and improve your user experience in the process. Minify Js / CSS extension reduces page size, bandwidth, request count, and server load without anything more than installing this easy to use and feature-full extension.

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The Magento Minify Js / CSS extension helps ensure your site is as fast as possible by optimizing files and enhancing browser cache. The importance of site speed cannot be overstated, especially for an e-commerce site. A slow site can reduce your search engine rankings 1 and can even result in lost sales. Magento Minify Javascript extension is not like other extensions that claim to do the same thing. Please read in depth of this extension's many features and superior implementation.

Results on a Default Magento Commerce Install
You can see the graph in the product images to see a visualization of the results. In summary, for initial page loads, Minify Js / CSS will reduce the total page size by 47.9KB and will reduce the number of requests by 16. On subsequent page loads, Minify Js / CSS will reduce the page size by 3.9KB and will reduce the request count by 42. Bandwidth, latency, request count, and server load are significantly reduced. Results are usually even better on a non-default installation.

What Aspects of the Mageneto Store are Optimized?
The CSS / JS files will be minified, compressed and merged. The HTML and inline CSS / JS will be minified. Forever expirations will be placed on your CSS / JS files so that the browser cache is effectively used. Refer to the feature list for more information.

Note: Magento Minify Javascript / CSS extension works great with our Magento Image Optimization extension and our Magento Page Cache extension.

Features / Benefits - Missing a feature? Request a new feature!

Note: This list is not an complete list of features. Please try the demo to see this extension in action.

  • Minify Your Javascript, CSS, and HTML
    The Minify Js / CSS extension reduces the size of your Javascript, CSS, and HTML using 1 of 4 minify technologies (JSMin, JSMin Plus, YUI Compressor, and Closure Compiler). These technologies work by removing comments, rewriting CSS statements in a more efficient manner, removing white space, and rewriting Javascript variables. This extension will even minify your inline JS / CSS. On a default Magento Commerce install, you can expect the following (as shown in the graph found in the product image gallery):
    • Javascript to be reduced from 112.7KB to 68.7KB (40% savings)
    • CSS to be reduced from 20.7KB to 16.6KB (120% savings)
    • HTML to be reduced from 51.4KB to 36.7KB (29% savings)
  • Ability to Defer Loading of Javascript Loading for Even Faster Loading New!
    Easily enable javascript deferment to eliminate render-blocking javaScript so that your page loads will not block while waiting for javascript to load. This can greatly improve google page speed score for javascript compatible with deferred loading.
  • Minify Inline Javascript / CSS
    External CSS / Javascript is only half the story. The HTML and Javascript / CSS that are inside of each of your pages are equally important. Importantly, this data cannot be cached by the browser, so it must be downloaded on every page request. Other solutions completely ignore inline data.
  • Versioning of JS / CSS Files New!
    Ensure your content is always up-to-date. No need to flush caches or wait for files to be updated on the frontend. Your files will show any changes you have made immediately.
  • Intelligently Combine Javascript / CSS files

    On a default Magento Commerce install, the number of Web server requests will be reduced by 16 (this number is usually even higher on a non-default install). This significantly reduces request latency and bandwidth and marginally reduces the HTML size of page. Also, it means your Web server will not have to work as hard which will allow you to server more requests per second.

    Do not compare the Extendware Minify JS / CSS extension's ability to combine files with other modules. Other solutions that combine files will do so unintelligently, which actually increases total bandwidth. This is because the home page, the catalog page, and a product page will use different CSS / Javascript. For example, the product page uses the same Javascript / CSS as the home page, but with a few extra Javascript files. Other solutions will require the user to re-download duplicate Javascript / CSS when navigating from the home page to the product page. Our solution solves this problem.

  • Compress your Javascript and CSS
    Your Javascript and CSS will be compressed using 3 different compression algorithms (gzip, gzdefalt, and gzcompress). All files are pre-compressed, so they are not compressed on a per-request basis. This reduces latency and CPU load and speeds up high traffic Web sites.
  • Minify Non-Standard JS / CSS Files New!
    Some themes directly output javascript / css files to the theme instead of following Magento standards. Usually these cannot be minified, but with our technology they can be minified!
  • Improve the Browser Cache Management of Javascript / CSS files
    Javascript and CSS files have forever expiries added to them. This means that once downloaded the user will never have to make another request for your Javascript and CSS. This reduces latency, bandwidth, and your server load. When making changes to files the changes will still appear immediately on the site as the filenames will change.
  • Ability to Change Hostnames of URLs New!
    Browsers generally have a 2-5 connection limit per hostname. For this reason it makes sense to use mutliple hostnames, so the browser will make more connections which can reduce download time. We support selecting custom hostnames for certain urls to maximize the number of browser connections.
  • Choose the Minification Algorithms that is Best for Your Needs
    Different algorithmns have different characteristics and requirements. We don't limit your choice. We include them all so that your site can be optimized as much as possible.
    • JSMin / JSMin Plus
    • YUI Compressor
    • Closure Compiler
    • Closure Compiler (online)
  • Compatible With Almost All CDNs
    Minifying javascript / css is compatible even if you use a content delivery network.
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* Features may vary based on the checkout options you select. Read the addon descriptions and contact support if you are uncertain.

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