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Full Page Cache

Quick Overview

Full Page Cache reduces your Magento store's First Byte Time, Increases your web server request rate, reduces database load, and makes your store much more responsive. Extendware's Caching solution is the best Magento Caching Performance Extension you can buy to speed up your store and easily pays for itself by saving you money rather than buying expensive hardware solutions to increase your Magento store optimization rates.
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Magento Full Page Cache is a Best in Class extension that makes Magento super fast, can increase your search engine rank, helps reduces server response times, reduces hardware requirements and costs, and makes your Web site more responsive when customers are browsing, adding items to their shopping cart, or checking out.

A fast Magento store places higher in search engines 1 and can lead directly to increased profits for your stores(s). Amazon.com has written that for every 100ms of latency costs them 1% in profit. Although none of us operate at the same level as Amazon.com, with Extendware's Full Page Cache extension, your store will run at its fastest.

Also, we offer a 30-day No Hassle Refund Policy We are that confident that our Magento Full Page Cache extension is the best solution on the market.

Why can we say that? Because we are selling the only real Multi-Level Page Caching Solution and we engineer it such that the primary level cache does not even have a database connection - which means your stores First Byte Time will be reduced as much as possible.

Don't just take our word for it, why not see for yourself, view the 3rd party speed test of Extendware.

What makes the Extendware Full Page Cache the best page cache for Magento Store Optimization?
  • Very Limited Database Usage - Extendware's FPC uses a super fast primary cache so that it does not have to touch the database for over 90% of all actions.
    • Why does that matter? Because every time your application or store makes a call to the database, it slows down your page processing because your system has to wait for the database to respond. One call won't make much of a difference, but a few hundred database calls every transaction will really slow down your page response time.
    • Our Magento Full Page Cache gets around this by handling 90% of your requests in memory, not by calling your database, so it is much faster than how Magento's default caching settings work. This translates into a speed similar to a Varnish caching solution, yet with a better cache hit rate, form key support, and our Full Page Cache is much easier to configure.

  • High Page Cache Hit Rate - Your store will not be fast - even with a good page caching extension - if no one actually uses the cache. That is why a high cache hit rate (the percent of requests that load directly from page cache instead of the database) is important. Our cache has an excellent hit rate that far surpasses the current and previous Varnish caching solutions.
  • Ability to Flush Multiple Modified Pages - Our extension gives you the ability to flush the entire page cache, flush groups of pages (all product pages, all cms pages), or flush only specific pages of an affected product. Having multiple flushing choices ensures that you don't flush what you don't need to, which increases your cache hit rate.
  • Easy to Configure - Most stores only need to install it and enable it and it will auto-configure! It couldn't be easier. Only more advanced use-cases or extreme customization require more involved configuration.
  • Supports Product Catalog Sorting - Extendware Full Page Cache has full support for catalog sorting. Other page caches do not support changing the sort order in the catalog the way Magento does by default. As a result, it is possible for the default category sort order to be cached incorrectly when you are using other full page cache solutions. Our solution won't incorrectly cache the default category sort order.
  • Highly, Highly Configurable - The out-of-the-box solution page cache is extremely easy to configure and is very simple to just plug and play. However, that does not mean it cannot be configured to operate in different ways for many different environments. The FPC extension includes lots of configuration options so it can fit every use case and grow as your store grows!

Did you know the Extendware Page Cache is really 3 Different Page Caches in One?
  • Primary Page Cache - A super fast cache that does not even connect to a database, does not generate sessions, and handles most all requests to your store.
  • Secondary Page Cache - A fast cache with hole punch support which is used after a product is added to a cart or if the customer is logged into your store. ±
  • Lightening Page Cache - An extremely fast cache that turns your site into static pages. As a result, 5000 pages per second is very reasonable. There is two versions: Simple which is about 2x faster than the primary cache. Then there is Advanced± which is up to 200 faster than the primary cache. Very few stores will have enough traffic for the Advanced mode, so please contact support if your store needs this level of speed.

How Important is a Fast Magento Store? Well consider the following:
  • Google considers site speed when ranking Web sites and determining how many pages to crawl1
  • Forrester research has determined that 45% of consumers expect a Web site to render in 2 seconds and 52% said that site speed is important to their site loyalty2
  • Gomez found that up to 40% of customers will abandon a shopping site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and every second delay results in a 7% reduction in revenue3

What to Look for in a Full Page Cache Solution:

Many people mistakenly think that all full page extensions are the same. This is not true. Unfortunately, you oftentimes will not realize the limitations of a full page cache solution until after you have used it for a while. Some things to look for when evaluating a full page cache solution are the following:

  • Ease of Use - The Extendware Page Cache is plug and play for most stores. Our Page Cache has a lot of configuration options so it can cache a variety of cases, but it will auto-configure to your store and in most situations you do not need to change any of the default configuration options. It is that easy!
  • Accuracy - Many cache solutions cache pages that should not be cached and do not cache pages that should be cached. This issue can be difficult to detect during testing. The most common issue is how to cache the sorting of products in your product grids. This preference is stored in the user sessions. Most cache solutions either do not handle this correct (the cache gets tainted) or the cache has to be disabled after sorting which slows down the user experience.
  • Breadth - Most people only compare cache solutions based on how fast it is on an individual page. The more important thing is how fast it makes your overall site. This is determined by breadth. This means, how many pages are cached and how often are cached pages being served to end users? Our solution will serve cached pages after a user logs in, adds a product to a cart, it can easily cache 3rd party extension pages, full page flushing is not required after editing products, and you can even use the Extendware Magento Crawler to help ensure pages are always cached±.
  • Development - Purchasing a solution that is no longer actively developed / maintained is probably not in your best interest. You can look at the changelog to see how many releases we have released and to see how we constantly add new capabilities.
  • Configurability - Configuration needs to be flexible and easy to use. This is related to accuracy and breadth of a cache. In our experience, if configuration is difficult, then store owners will avoid configuring their site and will not take full advantage of the cache. This is why we made it easy to add support for 3rd party extensions and tweak things, so that you can ensure the extensions performs optimally for your setup.

Features / Benefits - Missing a feature? Request a new feature!

Note: This list is not an complete list of features. Please try the demo to see this extension in action.

  • Multi-level cache support
    The Full Page Cache is really three cache systems combined in one.
    1. Primary Page Cache - The primary cache is an extremely fast full page cache that increases server throughput by more than 100+ times with a corresponding decrease in First Byte Time (this number will be even higher if your pages are slow due to a slow database). Requests that hit the first level cache will not even use the database.
    2. Secondary Page Cache - The second level cache± is an advanced full page cache with hole punch support. The second level cache will even work for logged in users, users with items in their cart, etc and further improves server throughput with a corresponding decrease in latency.
    3. Lightening Page Cache - The lightening cache level is the fastest. Between 2-200 times faster than the primary cache level (200-2000+ more throughput than no cache). The Simple mode is used by most stores though there is an Advanced± mode that can be used for larger stores. New!
  • Multiple backend support
    The full page cache system supports elevent different cache backends for maximum flexibility. With multiple backends, your needs are met no matter the size of your store: ±
    • File system cache
    • Memcached with multiple server support
    • Redis with multiple server support
    • APC
    • XCache
    • Multi: APC / File Hybrid
    • Multi: XCache / File Hybrid
    • Multi: Memcached / File Hybrid
  • Multiple store / domain / language support
    Multi-store / domain setups are fully supported. There is no need to worry about cross-site cache tainting or other issues commonly associated with other cache products.
  • Multiple currency support
    Whether you have 1 currency or 100 currencies, the page cache will ensure there are no taint issues and users always see the correct currency.
  • First class mobile theme support
    Mobile themes, theme overrides, and more are easily supported using segmentable useragents. Simply input the useragent patterns you want to match on (example: iphone|blackberry|android) and your cache will be segmented accordingly.
  • Reduce server response time
    After using our page cache, your server response time will have a measurable decrease - which translates to an increase in speed.
  • Easily cache 3rd party extensions, layered navigation extensions, ajax, etc
    3rd party extensions, ajax requests, and more can be easily cached using our technology, so you can ensure the most number of pages are being cached as possible.±
  • Multi-level hybrid cache backends New!
    Multi-level hybrid cache backends enable you to have the speed advantage of a memory based backend with the storage capacity of your hard disk. Perfect for low memory environments. ±
  • Increase requests per second, decreae latency, and save the database server
    The primary cache will increase requests per second (and decrease latency accordingly) by 100+ times. The secondary cache will increase requests per second by 50+ times. All requests hitting the primary cache will not use the database, so your database load will decrease significantly. The end result is a much faster, more responsive site.
  • Hole punch support
    The second level cache supports hole punches. This means that pages can be cached even when there is dynamic content, the user is logged in, etc. All the hole punches (11 in total) that are needed by a default Magento installation are included. Creating new hole punches is super easy. No need to edit config files or anything.
  • Flush specific sections of the cache New!
    If there are major changes to the Web site that only affect certain page types (cms pages, product pages, catalog pages, etc), then it is much more efficient to only flush those pages and not other pages. We support selective flushing of page types, so that more pages are in the cache more often.
  • Support catalog sorting
    Many other solutions cannot manage catalog sorting correctly because of how Magento uses session variables in sorting. We can handle sorting even in our primary super fast cache without an issue.
  • Cache exactly what you want and no more
    We provide you all the tools you need to ensure exactly what you want cached is cached and what you do not want cached is not cached. This is extremely important as you do not want dynamic content to taint your cache! We offer advanced page rules, block disqualifies, cookie disqualifies, and more. Everything is already configured optimally for most Magento installations and all these things can be configured via the graphical interface. Competing solutions fall extremely short on this front and the result can be a tainted cache.
  • Auto-tagging and auto-flushing when updating products, categories, and cms pages New!
    A cache is only effective as long as there are cached items. Normally a full page cache must be flushed after changes have been made to products, categories, and cms pages. This is inefficient because changing one product can invalidate the entire cache. We support auto-tagging and auto-flushing, so that whole cache flushes rarely ever need to be done. After you edit a product all pages associated with that product will be flushed and the others will be unaffected.±
  • Flush a specific store and not other stores New!
    Sometimes you may make a global change to a store such as changing a template file that needs a full flush. We let you flush just that store so other stores will not need to be unnecessarily flushed.±
  • Always be in the know
    Never wonder what is being cached and what is not. You may choose to have headers outputted on every request or a footer widget outputted that details whether that page is full page cached, what cache level (1 or 2) is being used, and the expiration of that full page cache. In addition, you may choose to have all hole punched (non-cached) data on a page to be outlined in red, so you know if hole punching is working according to your expectations.
  • Support for SSL / Secure Sites New!
    Google currently gives a slight boost for catalogs that are served over HTTPS. This configuration is fully supported by the Page Cache Magento Extension.
  • Configure with ease
    Almost everything can be configured via the graphical interface. Disqualify pages, add block disqualifies, include pages in the cache, and more is all done during the configuration screen (check out the demo). Most installations will never have to do anything more than enabling the cache. Everything else (hole punching, disqualifying, etc) will be done automatically!
  • Support for store / currency auto-switching
    Easily support currency / store auto-switching with our Store / Currency Switcher extension.
  • Support for CDN / content deliver networks
    Our page cache will work with content delivery networks without any issue.
  • Search engines do not use sessions for even faster loading New!
    Search engines do not use sessions in the primary cache so that the requests will be even faster to boost your page scores.
  • 100% compatible with Magento 1.8+ form keys
    There is no need to sacrifice security when using the page cache. Our cache is 100% compatible with Magento form keys.
  • Correctly record product views
    Many caches will distort your product view log which can affect statistics. We fully support the recording of product views even for cached pages.
  • Support for nginx, apache, litespeed, etc
    Our technology is Web server nuetral, so it does not need or depend on a specific Web server technology. You may run nginx, apache, litespeed, or another Web server technology if you wish.
  • Supports compression to maximize storage space
  • Cache works even for logged in users and dynamic content±
  • More, more, and more
    There are too many features to explain. Please try the demo so you can get a feel for the quality of the extension and see the configuration screen. You will not be able to see the real performance results on the demo server. Please buy the extension and run benchmarks in a controlled environment against other solutions. We have a 30 day money back guarantee.
± This symbol indicates that the feature must be selected when adding to cart.
* Features may vary based on the checkout options you select. Read the addon descriptions and contact support if you are uncertain.

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Reasons To Choose Extendware
  • Risk-free purchase
    30-day moneyback guarantee. We are that confident in the quality of our software.
  • Plug-in-play solutions
    Extensions are extensively tested, easy to install, and configure. No need to edit the code yourself.
  • Future-proof software
    We constantly release updates that add new features and increase usability and performance. You can even get updates for free.
  • Usability and performance
    Easy to use extensions that are built for speed. We optimize each extension. We don't use jQuery or excessive inline javascript for our frontend extensions or other libraries that will slow your site.
  • Outstanding support
    Our support is quick, friendly, and offers useful guidance. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.
  • Zero bug policy
    We hate bugs as much as you do. We oftentimes release bug fixes on the same day of discovery. We are expert exterminators.
  • Simple licensing structure
    We license by edition and installation. We don't license by number of customers, stores, products, or anything complicated.
  • Long term strategy
    We have been developing for Magento for 3 years. We love the platform and the community and will continue to develop for Magento for years to come.