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"The options is really great in this extension. It allows us to customize the message per store and per country and even per region. It is a big improvement over what we had before!"
- Xi Yin about Cookie Law
"I found this very useful to stay on top of key metrics such as conversions. I always forget to login to analytics to view reports, but with this extension I see the data everytime I login to the backend. It has allowed me to quickly identify changes to conversion rate or site speed, etc. I hope this will translate into a better run store!"
"Our horrible slow catalog took forever to save products and after installing this product saving became much more manageable!"
- Susan about Improved Indexing
"We don't have Redis so we use the optimized file cache and have noticed that saving products and checkouts are much faster as a result. Cheers!"
"I have this and the crawler and they are an amazing solution. My page load times shrank, page load in google analytics went down, google started crawling the site more, and browsing the site was possible once again. Thanks for this and thanks for always updating it to include new features!"
- Jessie Shrewsberry about Full Page Cache
"We absolutely love this as it has allowed us to expand our market. We advertise with google and this has allowed us to expand our reach by ensuring landing pages are translated into the visitors language."
- Royco about Auto Translate
"The extension really made a difference on speed!. John not only arrange time to install in hours that would not affect our store, but also suggestions on the improvement of the page and layout distribution. I very satisfied with the speed and support response!"
- Moises Mehl about Full Page Cache
"I only write reviews when extensions are REALLY good - and am HAPPY to write this as I AM DELIGHTED with Abandoned Cart Reminder. 1) Another store of ours was approached by a abandoned cart re-marketing company who was happy to be paid as an Affiliate. Their "special sauce" was capturing email addresses "live" without the customer registering. Okay, so we install their JS on our cart page and in 3 days they brought in about US$3,000 which cost me $600 in affiliate payout. YUCK. These are my customers - why should I pay so much for such a "simple" thing. (For reference, that store has about a 40% abandon rate, of the emails sent by this Affiliate, 35% clicked back to the site, and 35% of those made a purchase. Abandoned Cart Remakerting WORKS!) 2) I have looked and looked for Magento Commerce Abandon Cart Marketing extensions - but Extendware is the ONLY one which will capture email addresses silently. BRILLIANT. 3) We use OneStepCheckout by iDev - No customization or adjustments needed for this - it worked on the first try. 4) This extension is worth MUCH MORE THAN $79 - you will very very quickly recover the investment. Thank you Exntendware! Exactly what I needed. Big money maker. Worked with our custom one page checkout right out of the box. Just Brilliant! "
"If you need a traditional loyalty program then this is a must have extensions as it does absolutely EVERYTHING!"
- Curtis about Loyalty Program
"this is a simple to use extension that does exactly what it says. i have installed it on 3 stores and it never creates problems."
- Allie about Custom Order Numbers