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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"I had no idea how many spam bots visit our store. In 10 days since installing we have already had 67 bots identified and blocked. I can't wait to see what it does over the next week."
- Garrett about Bot Blocker
"I actually requested this be added so I am a bit biased :P But, we found that the feature to have the same number used for orders, invoices, shipping, etc to be extremely useful and the team added this very rapidly. Amazing commitment to customers!"
- Charmaine about Custom Order Numbers
"Easy to install, easy to use, and worked great. I had to copy over a 200 categories and this extension made this a breeze!"
- Brunilda about Category Copy
"It was very easy to use and setup. Just download and upload. It even worked with my highly customized theme. I will be looking at the ajax cart extension next!"
- Jerrod Manning about Ajax Search
"Easiest money back I've ever earned. I'm lucky that I sell high value items, so the price for Extendware's Abandoned Cart Reminder was pretty cheap, but still...any store shoudl have this (or something like it) on their site. The email pick up (silently) is pretty slick. Nice move Extendware. "
- Manish Cyber Security Company about Abandoned Cart Email
"We have been hit by bots from china that spam our contact form and this has been a life saver in automatically banning them!"
- Mike about Bot Blocker
"I was so tired of manually relating products, so I got this and set my related block to show products based on what customers bought the product. It is so much easier for me to administer and more accurate!"
- Casey (survival supply) about Frequently Bought Together
"This is really slick. I added it to my shop and it just worked. Too early to tell, but it seems like users are liking it too. My site seems a lot more snappy now."
- Clayton about Layered Navigation
"Such a great time-saving extension and support has been absolutely fantastic. Thank you John!"
- Carolyn Franklin about Bulk Product Updating
"I am so HAPPY with this extension! We recently made some big changes to our store and our conversion dropped. I would not have even realized if I did not have this installed."
- Julie Hunt about Google Analytics Dashboard