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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"I have this and the crawler and they are an amazing solution. My page load times shrank, page load in google analytics went down, google started crawling the site more, and browsing the site was possible once again. Thanks for this and thanks for always updating it to include new features!"
- Jessie Shrewsberry about Full Page Cache
"It is easy to use. Makes the site more snappy. Mike helped me with some questions I had, which I appreciate. Really solid extension and a must have for any store."
- Jeanie about Minify Js / Css / HTML
"We have around 80,000 products and editing products in the backend would take a couple minutes to complete. After installing this extension it has been reduced to a few seconds. Thank you so much for solving this performance issue for us!"
- Kristofer T about Improved Indexing
"This product worked great for me. I noticed the speed immediately after installation. Thanks John for all the help. "
- michael about Image Optimization
"The SEO features for catalog product images is a very nice touch to this extension. The image optimization worked great and improved our site speed well. No image quality is loss which is fantastic!"
- Mikah about Image Optimization
"We actually had a FPD suite with a very well know extension developer that ultimately backfired within about 4 months and started locking ages up. Our dev recommended this suite, and it improved our metrics incredibly. Everything from the speed metrics to page score. There is some legitimate configuring required sometimes, and Tej and Alana were extremely helpful in getting us running. This is the type of must-have extension that is worth the investment within the first week. We ended up purchasing every performance module we could and are buying our other available extensions here as well."
- sky about Full Page Cache
"We absolutely love this as it has allowed us to expand our market. We advertise with google and this has allowed us to expand our reach by ensuring landing pages are translated into the visitors language."
- Royco about Auto Translate
"What I love most about the extension is the extensive configuration. It only took 1 click of a button to remove a sort or reverse the sort order. In the admin area we wanted the Extendware mene to be put underneath System instead of in the top menu and this took only a click of a button. Support was very friendly and helped us understand how the extension worked too which is hard to find these days!"
- Erica M about Product Sorting
"This worked great! I even suggested to add a picture to the email template and extendware added the feature for me in a few days. I have already had 5 abandoned carts recovered that has made me over $200!"
- Cesar about Abandoned Cart Email
"I have started to use this everyday as it is so convenient to edit products directly in the grid. It has also made finding products so much easier as we can filter by category. I also use this with the bulk editing extension for even more power!"
- Lucy about Admin Product Grid