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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"Cyber monday nearly brought down our store and the cause was people searching. John told us that the sphinx search would reduce load on the database because it is its own search server. We gave it a shot and our store became much more responsive!"
- Alejandro about Sphinx Search
"I usually never write reviews, but due to my experience with this company I felt that I should write a review. This extension does all that it claims to do, so totally recommended this extension. It also works on our store with extremely many extensions included. This company listens to their customers’ needs and adds improvements to their extensions based on their feedbacks. Not only do they provide great extensions, but their customer care is absolutely one of the best there is, thanks! "
"I added this because I thought it was a cool widget and not a lot of stores can do this. I am happy with that decision because it seems customers really do use it when browsing the catalog. I am probably going to buy 2 more for our other stores."
- Jamie Leasure about Quick View
"We don't have Redis so we use the optimized file cache and have noticed that saving products and checkouts are much faster as a result. Cheers!"
"We are very security-minded store and require our admins to login with two factor authentication if they are not in the office. This solution was perfect for us because it allowed two factor to be skipped if logging in from our office IP and required two factor authentication if not logging in from our office."
"We have been using this for a month and already have 17 affiliates that have resulted in $2000 in sales. It has already paid for itself!"
- Randall about Affiliate Program
"Our store has been growing over the last few months. We previously used the lucene search, but we have outgrown it and found the Sphinx search to be very fast and equally relevant with the results and as always the support is top notch."
- Organic Supply about Sphinx Search
"I installed this on my slow site and everything worked great. I had an installation issue, which support took care of quickly. My server load has decreased as promised and my site feels so much faster. Really an outstanding product."
- Darryl Bruch about Full Page Cache
"I have been waiting for this extension FOREVER. I am so happy that I found it. I am always at coffee shops or in hotels with my laptop and I am always scared my store will be hacked. This makes me feel much more secure when logging in when I am on the road."
- Herman Green about Two-Factor Authentication
"We like our customer reps to be able to login as a customer to view things exactly how they do. We use the "login as" functionality for this purpose (not the master password). It works exactly as advertised and saved us from writing a custom solution. Definitely worth the money if you need this functionality."
- Ericka Geiser about Master Password