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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"Very well put together with tons of configurable options. The most important thing for our store was that it works perfectly with our full page cache. The previous extension we used could not work with a low level page cache."
- Shanna N about Store / Currency Switcher
"We sell very specialized products that have a lot of attachment and attachment types. The category filtering proved very useful in order to organize this on the frontend and the extension has been very robust."
- Marilyn Ball about Product Attachments
"One of the most essential extensions I have ever add to my online shop. The best way for keep your customer with you. I would also like to thank John for the proffesional and immediate response and support."
"I was very impressed with not only the support, but how complete the product was. I had some questions and was responded to in about 5 minutes, which is incredible! Thanks for all the help guys!"
- RcModels about Product Sorting
"Some of our products can make use of a percentage tier price. This solution worked perfectly for our needs as it saves us having to manually update these tier prices as our product prices change. If you need this type of tier pricing, then this extension is invaluable."
"I installed this on Enterprise and everything worked great. The staff even helped me with the template variables. I recommend this to anyone who is not satisfied with the normal email order status templates."
"our programmer works a little with the hook of your lucene magento extension for adding additional infos to the index: his comment: "works great and it is relatively easy to use!" my comment: all other things are great also! Only support for more languages would be desirable ;-) "
- martin about Lucene Search
"The first think I do when I make a new store is install this. It should really be part of Magento core. I have purchased 3 of these plugins and every one has worked like a charm!"
- Payton Eckhart about Custom Order Numbers
"I added this to a client site. I had to make a slight modification and everything is put together so well using layout files that it was a breeze. I will definitely be using this on future client sites."
- Ted Coletta about Quick View
"We suffered from around 20 spam emails per day, which really irritated and wasted the time of our support staff. After installing this easy to use extension our spam emails have dropped to nothing!"
- Marchelle F about Anti-Spam Captcha