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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"this tool has made it much easier to quickly determine if there are any rewrite conflicts in the store and the suggestion to fix it usually works quite well. i now consider this a must have"
- Mikey about Extension Conflict
"I put this on my site and it stopped spam. Installation is easy. Support answered all my questions fast. I will be buying more from you guys!"
- Javier about Anti-Spam Captcha
"I evaluated 2 other solutions. I really liked the functionality and efficiency of this solution. It did not slow down the store with lots of javascript dependencies and it made our store more modern since ajax is very popular at the moment. It was a solid purchase that I am happy with. I look forward to more products from these guys."
- Max B about AJAX Cart
"I have 2 stores, one on magento EE and one in Comunity. In our Enterprise server my first cache solution was extendware and it worked as expected. On our second one (community) I tried others (about 3).. it was a complete waist of money and time. I even tested a reverse proxy and other cache solutions like aicache and varnish.. this last 2 are very nice. but they are not really an out of the box solution for magento. they require a tons of time to configure. the extendware full page cache is the most reliable, cost effective and fastest extension there is.. I fully recommend it along with their addons. support is one of the best out there.. "
- Guillermo Dewey about Full Page Cache
"This extension is really great and it continually gets better. I noticed it did not work when sending BBC e-mails. I asked support and they already had a new version out that fixed it! Awesome work!"
- Neil about SMTP Email
"We sell a lot of unique hand crafted goods and few customers leave reviews even though they are satisfied with the product. We tried this extension over the last month and it has done wonders to get customers to write reviews. Already we have 7 more reviews as a result"
- Sharon Caldwell about Review Reminder
"The extension did improve the speed a lot, the support is excellent and the work is fast and professional, thank you John and team. Highly recommended company and products. "
- asifuncionan about Full Page Cache
"Our images were made much smaller. We used pngout on the png images which made the images very small. Thank you for the great product and support!"
- Abbie about Image Optimization
"Thanks for fixing this for us Alana! Now it does what we wanted, sorting products based on revenue FINALLY! Love it guys, keep it up! "
- Salina about Product Sorting
"We suffered from around 20 spam emails per day, which really irritated and wasted the time of our support staff. After installing this easy to use extension our spam emails have dropped to nothing!"
- Marchelle F about Anti-Spam Captcha