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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"I actually already had another extension that was like this, but it only offered 4 sort options. Extendware uninstalled that extension and installed this one and it is soooo much better. Tons of sort options, lots of configuration options, and the install was done within 24 hours. John even helped me with some of the configuration. I think this one is even faster than the other one that I used."
- Selena about Product Sorting
"I had no idea how many spam bots visit our store. In 10 days since installing we have already had 67 bots identified and blocked. I can't wait to see what it does over the next week."
- Garrett about Bot Blocker
"Default magento search really is bad for german language and using this extension has improved our search results a lot and they return in about half the time too. Absolutely must have!"
- Andreas about Sphinx Search
"Magento's default navigation leaves a lot to be desired. We looked at two different extensions for AJAX Layered Navigation, one from AITOC and this one from Extendware. The Extendware version does everything the AITOC version does (and more) at a significantly better price. Support from Extendware has been very responsive. We have over 20,000 products and AJAX Layered Navigation Pro helps our customers find the products they are looking for a whole lot easier and quicker."
- Chris about Layered Navigation
"I don't know how we lived on magento for over almost 2 years without this extension! All I can say is, if you value your time at all, BUY THIS EXTENSION! The ability to add all kinds of attributes as well to mass edit and sort by is just plain amazing and we can now sort our product data to EXACTLY what we are wanting to work on at that time and then not only have it perfectly sorted, perform mass edits on those items as well. We have purchased LOTS of extensions to give our site all the bells and whistles of modern e-commerce, but this baby was for US, not our customers, which may be why it is now my favorite extension we have installed thus-far... I just can't say enough good about this extension."
- Kristi about Admin Product Grid
"I have a lot of extensions from different developers on my website and Extendware extensions are the best extensions that I have. The people at Extendware are EXTREMELY helpful and very fast at responding to questions. My Page Speed score on Google went up 32 points today with just this extension! Thank-you! "
- SteepPlanet about Minify Js / Css / HTML
"I think this is just great. It is highly customizable, the e-mail template was good, and it does the job. So far 12 reminders have been sent and 3 have resulted in a purchase. I use coupons to incentivize purchases, so I win and the customer wins."
- Aidan about Abandoned Cart Email
"I am so HAPPY with this extension! We recently made some big changes to our store and our conversion dropped. I would not have even realized if I did not have this installed."
- Julie Hunt about Google Analytics Dashboard
"I have installed this for 5 days so far. I could not believe the difference in my page load and how my servers were just zooming along. I have tried 3 full page cache "solutions" and this is the only one that worked. It is sooo easy to easy and came with an manual. John helped when I had problems. I love the new speed!"
- Julio Everly about Full Page Cache
"We have a bunch of fancy pens with our logo on them and we are using this extension to give these pens away for free. A good combination to give something for free that will also market our store. When we run out of pens then we plan to offer other products for free to encourage some sales and see how that works too."
- Susan Monroe about Free Gift