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The following are samples of the product reviews actual cusotmers are leaving us. You can feel confident when buying extensions from Extendware! We are so confident about this that we have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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"We run a page cache system and could not find an auto-switcher solution that could work, but this one does the job perfectly! It is also very powerful and allows the creation of complex rules and is very fast. 5 stars for this! cheers."
- Emery Hutcherson about Store / Currency Switcher
"I was introduced to this Full Page Cache module from extendware. I have to see, it's THE best module i've ever install. I've combined this with the CDN manager and i've been seeing constant 1.5ms load time. It's like steroid for you Magento installation. Good job guys!"
- Marc-André about Full Page Cache
"We don't have Redis so we use the optimized file cache and have noticed that saving products and checkouts are much faster as a result. Cheers!"
"I have tried 3 competing solutions and every one had some issue that developed under use (caching the wrong pages, not caching pages,being hard to configure, etc). This extension is the best. I have used it for over 2 months with no problems, it is easy to use, and does everything it says it will do. Best of all, the features keep on coming."
- Cathrine about Full Page Cache
"This extension works virtually out-of-the-box and requires very little configuration. The performance boost is exceptional and can easily be felt by the end user. With support for hole-punching (of all sorts) and quick support tickets with the Extendware team (and John specifically), this extension is what I would call a no-brainer. Give it a shot, there's nothing to lose with their money back guarantee - and I can guarantee you won't ever look back :) 5 Stars!"
- Matt about Full Page Cache
"I purchased this extension awhile ago and the extension has performed flawlessly! Even more, I REALLY needed the ability to record transactions that we invoice outside of the shopping cart. Customers were getting upset that these transactions did not count towards the loyalty program. Extendware heard my issue and added this feature promptly. Now the extension is absolutely perfect!"
- Mindy about Loyalty Program
"Wow, this is amazing. It includes hundreds of ribbon images and allows advanced rules for placing images so everything is more automated. I absolutely am in love with this extension and how it has transformed our catalog into an eye-popping experience for our customers!"
- Camila Russ about Product Labels
"It was easy to install and use and we have already created some new discounts. In one week we will be blasting our mailing list with some fancy discounts created with this extension, so hopefully we will get lots of new sales."
- Marissa Roxanna about Shopping Cart Price Rules
"I had another extension that did what this does, but it did not work! I installed this and it worked as expected. Lesson learned, I will be going to Extendware first from now on!"
- Cody Pharris about AJAX Cart
"I absolutely love this extension & so do our customers - no more discount codes to be used! Just need a way to get customer data out of it to engage more closely with them though. Support for the installation, & our particular requirements, was excellent."
- David about Loyalty Program